Series 13 Feedback

Every year, the Catch Fitness team ask for feedback from the entrant’s about their PT. Here’s what our Tribe had to say about Cate:

She was positive and encouraging

Pushed me to try new things and test my body’s strength
adaptable to shift work requirements, helping me overcome my demons

Not only physical but mental and life therapy. Can’t beat her!

Unfortunately my trainer is super fantastic and goes above and beyond for me.

Gave me guidance to identify goals and maintained focus to see them through

Cates understanding, words of encouragement and her flexibility
Cate has a level of understanding which is amazing . She can support and challenge you in a non threatening way. I have come so far with her encouragement and expertise, i love her style and cant imagine having any other trainer again. We need to clone her!
Shes amazing!! So intuitive and has all sorts of knowledge ๐Ÿ™‚
Cate was able to adapt my programme as I was recovering. She kept me motivated when I struggled and changed the goals to be more realistic. Whats not to like about Cate Grace!!! She is amazing…

Cate has the ability to get the most out of you even when your brain and body are saying “ENOUGH!!!!””. She is a very caring individual
The genuineness to want to see me succeed in ALL areas of my life – not just fitness and food wise. To push me hard, to give good advice and go above and beyond what i would think a normal PT would do. Feels like a family rather than a service ๐Ÿ™‚

Cate is very motivational, understanding, caring, considerate and to the point. Cate is full of solutions and ideas, and understands how the body works with chronic illness and cares about her clients. Cate always found options to get the body moving and her exercise regime has helped me to recover from the rib joint damage I have and at the same time keep my lung function at a reasonable level. My hospital specialist is signing me back to my GP again in November. As I wrote in my 2014 challenge letter when I was recovering from what I was told was a terminal illness I found Cate’s help to be beyond words, I was very lonely prior to signing up with Cate with a very dim view of my future however didn’t feel this way while in Cate’s club ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t have enough words to describe my gratitude for Cate, Riwai and Lou for their support and understanding during these last 3 years. Even at the times when I felt like a lump of a person struggling day to day that didn’t feel any progress they still found some form of progress and positive in whatever I was doing. They are the most positive team a girl could want. It’s a shame they can’t clone and send a Cate team to every Hospice in New Zealand, they would make such a difference to a persons quality of life ๐Ÿ™‚ I would also like to say that being part of a positive team has not only helped my body, it has helped my mental well being and helped to keep my family together as a unit. Seeing my daughter graduate Kindy, have her school visits, have her 5th birthday party and be there on her birthday this month is the most important time of my life nothing has or ever will compare to it. In October I get to take her to her first day at school. Being here this month is a dream come true. Some days I think what’s the big deal, most people around here don’t even notice how important this is and I look in the mirror and look normal. However my specialists and carers remind me often how far we have come and how careful I must be. So Thank you Cate, Thank you Lou, Thank you Riwai, and Thank you Bronni and the 20 week challenge team that have invested in me these past 3 years. Don’t ever under estimate the power of positive change and what a good old kiwi challenge can do ๐Ÿ™‚


She is really down to earth, positive and knowledgeable.

The positivity and happiness. The gym it a positive place for me to go and feel good about myself.

Her positive and happy attitude always. The support with understanding and managing my condition. Teaching me that i can still do and achieve what i want but i just have to do things a little differently.

She truly understands my situation because she’s been there. She gives me a kick up the butt when I need it but she’s not always pushing me to extremes – in fact sometimes she reigns me in when I need it!

She kept me motivated to keep going despite my difficulties after my injury


That she is just like me – awesome!

Totally understands her clients and knows how to get the best out of them. Thinks outside of the square. Knows different people need different ways of training. Always concentrates on the positive. Let’s small steps be OK Understands there is often emotion under the surface that the individual is working through I could go on for hours about Cate she is totally amazing!

Cate grace is awesome. She has a suberb team of Riwai, Lou and Lily supporting her. Cate understands “life happens” and is able to adapt the programme to suit my needs at the time of my session. She is encouraging and supportive and knows how far she can take me out of my comfort zone. Without Cate and her team I wouldn’t have had the confidence to attempt many of the things I have achieved this 20 week challenge.

My PT, Cate Grace and her team Riwai, Lou and Lily are awesome. Cate understands “life happens,’ is flexible and adaptable. She is interested in me as a person not as Client 206. She is encouraging and supportive when taking me out of my comfort zone. When we went to the UK to celebrate my 65th birthday with my daughter Tash, Rico and grandchildren, Cate provided us with a realistic programme covering all four aspects of the 20 week challenge, so we could continue on our 20 week challenge journey, as well as enjoy ourselves. My son told last Christmas Christmas ” I had got my life back”. This was Cate’s doing as she had given me the confidence to allow myself to take time for myself and try new things without feeling guilty and this year I have been able to build on that.
Cate’s holistic approach to my health & well being.
Cate is an Ambassador for the Arthritis Society and I belong to the Arthritis Society so it was nice to have that in common. She was also very honest with me which is what I needed.

Motivation, and she believes in me when I don’t always


She was very insightful, self aware, motivating and experienced. It felt like it wasn’t hard work I felt very comfortable and we celebrated achievements even small one.

Her enthusiasm and realism

Just as much a head coach as a body coach

They understand the way my mind works. She pushes me to reach new goals in ways that i find good and respond well too.

She is amazing at making you feel totally normal yet totally special all at the same time!

She is a great motivator and has given me the tools to carry on. And lots of fun to visit.

she is so inspiring herself and has a complete faith in my ability !
The motivation and making things happen without me even knowing

She’s awesome, compassionate, adaptable, influencing & gets you through workout you didn’t think you had in you

Flexibility – cate was extremely flexible and understanding of my needs and my situation. She was happy to work with me to find suitable days and times to fit in with my children and other life difficultys