Series 10 Results

THE CATCH FITNESS 20 WEEKS PT AWARD Series 10, 2013 – Cate Grace

This award takes into consideration all of the following:-
1) The number of clients in the Competition entered under a trainer.
2) Client entrant results.
3) Client entrant feedback.
4) Professionalism of trainer.
5) Trainer initiatives during the Competition for entrants.
6) How many clients completed the on-line feedback form/s.

The winner of the Catch Fitness 20 Weeks PT Award 2013 is Cate Grace.

A word from the judges

This is Cate’s 5th time as a 20 Week’s PT.

Prior to becoming a PT Cate competed in 20 Weeks as an entrant with Carol Hides as her PT winning best changes to lifestyle in her series four as a finalist in best changes to overall body shape in series five.   Cte has been an avid supporter of 20 Weeks since first coming on board. She is always promoting 20 Weeks to her clients with our logo sitting proudly on her shirts, at events she puts up our banners and in her many media interviews she manages to squeeze mention of us in. That is not however why she won but it’s certainly all very cool stuff.

Each year Cate has competed with more entrants than the average 20 Weeks PT but this year she exceeded all our expectations starting with 54 ACEs and most impressively, getting 49 of them across the finish line.  This alone is also not why she won, but it’s certainly a piece in the jigsaw.

Cate’s philosophy and focus has remained the same since she has started,  supporting those with health conditions a those in our community with less access and financial capabilities to take up fitness opportunities.  While she does this via the 20 Weeks competition we really are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all that she is doing.

While her philosophy has remained the same her reach has continued to expand as have her services. This year she offered an array of blood tests and cardiovascular testing to her 20 week entrants that helped ascertain overall health and pre-disposition to a variety of illnesses.  The before and after results of these, over just 20 weeks, were amazing to see and offered a wealth of support to the effectiveness of people’s lifestyle changes.

Cate set up a 20 Weeks Facebook page which only her entrants could access and via this she would publish the Winner’s Weekly .  The Facebook page became a supportive, interactive, fun environment, bonding clients and providing another medium for accountability and education.

To help with the huge number of ACEs Cate had and the additional services she offered Cate built a solid team around her.  Together they assisted with testing, administration and class delivery and which in turn has also enabled Cate to be in and out of hospital for much needed treatment of her own condition, confident that everything  on the Leap Fitness front was still ticking along just fine.

Together with her team Leap pulled off challenges, a huge weekend retreat and a book, which Cate wrote herself between 20 Week competitions and was given to all her 20 Week entrants received at the outset.

She and her team supported ACEs that entered other events along the way as well and made a point to be at the start of those events and to be at the finish line to take those much needed photos that our clients will cherish for years to come and to generally pat people on the back for a job well done.

Her team extends beyond her office and out to her an array of sponsors that put up great deals, prizes and provide excuses for her ACEs to get together.  Cate also works in with her affiliate health professionals, which all adds up to spell SUCCESS.   Cate had seven Winners in this year’s competition and more twenty four finalists from her team of entrants.

Cate was judged to be one of the top 10 PTs in the recent LifeFitness Global personal trainers to watch 2013 competition and flew to London the day after our 20 Weeks Awards night to be at those Awards and while she didn’t win it (some 1500 entered from 43 countries) we thinking being in the top 10 can be regarded as fairly awesome.

Without doubt her clients would say the same and no doubt rate her as their no.1.

Here are some of the comments from her ACEs from Series 10 2013

  • She was a fantastic motivator and keep me on track.  Always so positive at every session and really encouraging to get our best effort.
  • Her positive, encouraging manner! The fact that she got me to really ‘dig up some demons from the past’ in order for me to move forward in this new chapter of my life… Cate is very ‘real’. In one session you can laugh, cry and want her to call her every name under the sun but yet you always walk away having ‘accomplished’ something new! She is more than just a trainer…she has become a friend, a mentor, a confidant! She is a person I trust with all my heart. Most of all, she makes the hard work of training sessions always seem FUN! xx
  • Cate is AMAZING, she always there to listen and offer advice, she knows if I just need a light session with lots of chat or when I need a hard session.  I never leave a session without feeling excited about the coming week and what I can achieve.  LOVE MY TRAINER!!!  🙂
  • She is fun, realistic, motivating, inspiring, understanding…wonderful!
  • I like her style of training and attitude to healthy lifestyle
  • Cates belief in me when I didn’t believe I could achieve things, has helped me keep moving forward towards my goal.  She has encouraged a mind shift on how I look at my body, focusing both on the inside and outside shape of my body.
  • She’s amazing!! Everything is tailored to the client. She is real and helps to lead a balanced life without having to do extreme diets etc
  • N/A she is my wife haha
  • (I have to add here that each year Cate has trained her hubby Riwai and anyone who has trained their partner will know that’s no easy feat.  She has not only trained him, every year bar this year I think he’s either won a category or been a finalist.  Last year he qualified as a group fitness instructor and now takes classes for their fitness  business Leap. A fairly huge turn around, he is also Tutuman! Broni)
  • Her ability to adapt my sessions to my bodies aches and pains and mood up or down and I still felt like I achieved and had a work out.
  • Cate has the ability to motivate like no other even on my bad days by the time we had finished our session I was on top of the world. I couldn’t have received my results without her help along the way 🙂
  • She is very down to earth. She know men and women think differently so she treats them differently
  • Cate is incredibly motivational, and we have a different bond than I would have with any other trainer as we both have rheumatoid arthritis. I owe Cate so much – in the last 3 years, she has changed me so much.  Without her, I would still think I was the only 30 something with RA, and would be on the couch moaning about it.
  • Understanding and acceptance, major encouragement
  • Cate never gave up on me even when I felt like I had given up on myself and she always pushed me when I needed to be pushed. She always makes you feel like you are her most important client when you are with her and she makes training so much fun.
  • The encouragement, support, laughter and gaining confidence.  Also doing exercise without really realising how hard we worked.
  • The sessions were great fun. Cate has a great way of supporting you through your fears of eg. causing injury while encouraging you to get rid of the negative mind chatter and give things a go. I have achieved things that I hadn’t even dreamed about
  • Awesome! and highly motavated
  • Cate has really encouraged me to keep going at my pace and to look on health and fitness as a lifestyle, not just something I focus on for 20 weeks then forget about, or give up on because it is just too hard.   She has pushed me way beyond what I thought I could achieve in the gym!
  • She is so motivating I always leave feeling really postive
  • Her awesome motivation and the fact she was making it about being a healthy lifestyle that would last for well after the 20 weeks, and not focussing on the scales as much.
  • Willingness to adapt to my individual needs – I wasn’t just another number….
  • Being real
  • Her adaptability, her fun, motivating session, her positivity and encouragement… but especially her belief in me when I had none.
  • My PT listened to me and also listened to my body’s needs. She explained what was needed and why, but she also did this in a nice manner that was non threatening/ aggressive. Don’t get men wrong, they don’t call her the “Smiling Assassin” for nothing! 🙂 I highly recommend her – CATE GRACE.
  • She reminds me of the big picture and not to get stuck on the number on the scale. She is real, makes it fun and achievable.
  • She was not afraid to pull my into line
  • Her encouragement and commitment to each of us
  • Cate was amazing. So much positivity and belief in what I could achieve. I was always being pushed over my perception of my limits and being nicely surprised.
  • That she changed my plan of attack as my health problems changed
  • Her can do attitude, honest answers not just what I want to hear. A coach a friend, and a mean smiling assassin
  • Cate is adaptable to changing programmes to any niggles that I might have by doing a body audit before the start of my session

Finalist and Winners List for Leap Fitness and Motivation – Trainer Cate Grace

Leap Success at this years Catch Fitness 20 Week Health and Fitness Challenge

This year saw the national competition expand further with entrants and finalists from Queenstown to Auckland.   Congratulations to this years winners & finalists it was a challenging and another very special year for Leap.  We are pleased to announce we had 49 entrants complete this series, seven winners, twenty four finalists.    A truly magic year!   Read on to see who our winners were for this year.

A special shout out & congratulations;

Category Finalists Winner
Flexibility Shannon Moore
Balance Guillermo Ocana Guillermo Ocana
Balance Sarah Taylor
Anna Wright
Strength David McLeod David McLeod
Dave Race
Strength Lou McLeod Amy Billingsley
Amy Billingsley
Cardio Rebecca Richards
Sarah Taylor
Upper Body Evan Taylor
Maintenance Bernie   Smith
Entrants Choice Evan Taylor
Entrants Choice Josephine Dove
Opals Cathryn McEwan Cathryn McEwan
Under 16 Hannah McDonnell Hannah McDonnell
Couples Sarah and Evan Taylor
New   Mums Sarah Taylor
Overall Body Shape Change Dale Watson
Lifestyle Changes Dale Watson Dale Watson
Emma Alldridge Emma Alldridge
Adventure Emma Alldridge
Overall Kerrie De Haan
Lou McLeod,
Top Job Award Brooke Jorgensen
Top Job   Award Flora Maccormack