2017 20 Week Challenge Packages


The 2017 20 Week Challenge is upon us and our aim is to make it your best year yet!

If you are thinking of joining this year’s Challenge, we say DO IT!!!!

Whether you are recovering from an injury or have an impending surgery,  want to be able to touch your toes, would like a stronger back, or want to run a half marathon, the 20 Week Challenge has something for everyone.

Cate is a ICREPS and NZ REPS Registered trainer with over seven years experience with the 20 Week Challenge. Together with her crew, they are ready to support you in any way they can throughout your 20 Week journey.

Three great reasons to choose Cate as your PT for this years 20 Week Challenge

Award Winning
Cate brings a wide variety of skills and experience to assist you including international and national accolades in the business, health and fitness sectors.
Entrant Winner
Cate understands this challenge from both sides.  She was an entrant herself for two series in 2009.  She took out Best Changes to Lifestyle and was a finalist in Best Changes to Overall Body Shape
Cate has successfully trained more than 100 Challenge participants and had finalists and winners in every category.

Here is a breakdown of our 2017 20 Week Challenge packages.

As you will know there have been some changes to the challenge this year, and to accommodate this, the crew have made some changes too.

This year the organisers have given you a template to complete.   This is a great way to compare oranges with apples.   We also know that Admin is not for everyone and we have our Angel Extraordinaire (Lou) and our Office Pixies at the ready to lend a hand.   So we are offering to support you to bring your reporting together so you can get on with the things you love doing and still be part of this great challenge.

20 Week Challenge Prices for 2017

Step 1  20 Week Testing sessions                                                                                      $110.00
To make sure everything is covered this year our testing sessions are one hour.   This can be done over two half hour sessions or booked in for a one off hour.  It’s completely up to you.    We will cover your goal setting, agreed missions and category testing at these sessions.
nb If two or more people from the same household sign up then your receive a $50 credit.

Step 2   Choose your frequency of regular sessions                                               from $55.00 

Choose from Weekly ($55) Fortnightly ($55) or Four Weekly ($80) Sessions to keep you on track during the winter.

Step 3 Choose Admin Support Package or Go it Alone

Angel Support Package                                                                      one off fee of $200

This is great for those who want to be part of the 20 Weeks but Admin is not their fortay or maybe your precious spare time would be better spent on movement and nourishing.  This is a one off fee of $200 to be paid in full (covering you from whenever you start until September 25th)  weekly arrangement are available by request.

Your one off fee of $200 includes:   

  • Three report templates completed:
    • Summary of your starting testing
    • Mid way progress
    • Final report
  • Regular measurements
  • Four Weekly MIT & BAM sheets with accountability
  • Invitation to Tribe Days
  • A suite of tests to choose from specific to your category and your fitness testing templates completed
  • Quality of Life testing and reporting at the start and finish
  • Access to the private 20-Week Challenge Facebook group
  • Final comprehensive report including milestones, quality of life statistics, personal training testing, measurements and any other information you would like included on your journey.


Go at it alone – $95 for a 45min PT session every four weeks and a mini follow up report

This is for those who prefer to go at it alone but want a PT to check in with and be tested by a personal trainer. Check in every four weeks and you will receive a mini report within 48hrs of your session so you can easily fill in your challenge templates.

Optional Extras:

Early Starter – Can start anytime by booking in testing sessions and then add on an Angel Support Package or Go It Alone

The early bird category opened on 14th January – check it out here: www.20weeks.co.nz  We totally recommend it, especially if you have goals for the 5kms series, Physiomed Triathlon, City2Surf or St Clair as all your training will be recorded.

Remember, there is no pressure either – if winter is when you need the extra layer of motivation then the rest of the competition doesn’t start until the middle of May so you have plenty of time!


Facebook Ghost Writer – $100

This year it has been recommended that some of the categories record their journey in a Facebook group – either public or private (private can be just you if you prefer!), and the judges be given access at the end of the challenge. We understand that this is not everyone’s thing, or some will start out strong and may fizzle out.  We don’t want you to be at a disadvantage to have come up with an idea to support this.

The categories recommended to use this tracking record are:

  • Adventurers
  • Best Buddies
  • Couples
  • Lifestyle
  • My Pet and Me
  • Teams

For $5 per week per person ($100) our Angel Extraordinaire can be your ghost writer. Add her as an admin to your group and she can post weekly updates to track your journey.

If you have any questions email Lou at lou@gracetrainingnz.com