What We Do

I want to get fitter and healthy BUT
“I have no energy”
“I am in too much pain”
“I have lost my confidence”
“I am injured”
“I have a health condition that holds me back”
“I am too busy”
“I spend my day looking after everyone else”
“I am too tired”
“I just don’t have time”

These are the most common conversations we have with our clients. We know that we had these challenges when starting out too so we have designed services that fit around your current lifestyle. We believe we all know how to eat, how to exercise and what we want to be happy. What is missing is the how we do all that when we are facing challenges in our life. We need some encouragement and tailored accountability, with some fresh ideas and a support network  that gets it and can keep us focused and on track. We also needs some experts accountability when our way isn’t working.

So here at Grace Training we have designed our programs to include all of that and more.

Are ready to discover and share your good news?

We look forward to working with you!

Our Services
Here’s a taste of how we work with you to explore, discover and celebrate YOU!

Personal Training – You can book Cate at our urban studio in Christchurch, NZ for a fun and interactive personal training and movement session to compliment your goals.                                                                                                     Sessions from $55 NZ per session

Training on Online – No matter where you are in the world, we offer Skype coaching sessions so we can chat face to face and work together for strategies for getting healthier, fitter, and stronger.
Sessions from $55 NZ per session

Group Local – If you are in Christchurch, NZ then you can join the Tutuman and the tribe for group fitness sessions. We have boxing, circuits, walking, hill walks, stair challenges, biking and swimming. It is a great way to meet like minds and enjoy our local treasures.                                                                        Sessions from $15 NZ per session

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At your workplace or conference – Cate travels around the world and can speak at your workplace or conference to inspire you to discover and share your good news.           POA