What some of our Tribe say


We love having fun and inspiring wellness. We believe the health and wellness industry has done an outstanding job at looking after those people who love gyms and to exercise. At Grace Training, we also know that’s not for everyone. Our team of Navigators work to inspire, empower and support extra ordinary people to a healthier, fitter, stronger and happy life. We use fun and function to build movement in to daily life to promote longevity and wellness.

Here’s what some of our Tribe have to say…

Feeling awesome today – completed my goal to do before Christmas, to run 5 km without stopping before the 22nd December. This morning I ran 5.7 km. Was not planned, I was aiming for 4 km, and when I got there I was feeling good, so just kept going. Totally Stoked! Don’t worry Cate still going to complete my daily mission as well. I also need to share that I went to my work Christmas function last night. One wine, one water method – tick. Passed on the bread – tick. Cut off a third of my mains meat and gave to my husband, and also left half the starchy vegetables on my plate, ate all the greens – tick. Gave half of my dessert to my husband – tick. Had an awesome time, and felt great cause I didn’t eat too much. Thanks Cate for all the reminders and tips, definitely helping me lots for this Festive Season. Wahoo!!!!! Cynthia Yummy Mummy and Land Surveyor Dec 2012

Cate Grace is awesome! The best thing about her is that she makes working out fun. I’m always surprised by the end of a session how hard I’ve worked (I’ll be puffing and have sweat pouring off me!) yet I’ve had a great time. Cate is a super cheerleader. She is so positive and encouraging – I always feel like a superstar after having a work out with her! She is also so flexible – easily altering an exercise to accommodate different fitness levels, injuries etc. I will definitely continue to work out with her after the challenge has finished!
Emma 35yr Yummy Mummy and Registered Nurse April 2012

Cate with her able assistant Riwai have been an absolute god send, coming to our workplace in all sorts of circumstances (post eq, snow, hail, rain and heat!) Cate has also worked with my disability rather than against it. I can’t believe what I have been able to achieve. Cate always has a beautiful smile on her face, a word of wisdom and a boisterous amount of enthusiasm. Leap are the best!
Pauline Ernst and Young/KMPG Feb 2012

Cate Grace is a trainer of inspiration , not only has she helped achieve my goals she has motivated me in times when I’d been low during the Leap2it challenge . Cate helped me refocus and change my goals due to an injury, she is ALWAYS smiling and gives off bright positive vibes 120% of the time , she is always got fun training exercises just to spice it up, never boring always fun and who would’ve thought its a training session. Kirsten CDHB Emergency Services Triage Nurse Aug 2012

I’m getting stronger and fitter because of her but also more confident in who I am and the way I am. Leap2it pushed me to the other side and encouraged me to do my best. From what I’ve seen Leap2it makes everyone of us smile and makes our days and lives that much better. Tegan 20yr Admin Assistant Oct 2012

Cate Grace (Chief of Smiles) seems to have the knack of turning that smile upside down! Without Cates encouragement and motivation I certainly would not be feeling the way I am now, Suffering from Depression and also having Diabetes, I found that my life was starting to spiral out of control. Since I have met Cate my life has improved so much. I for one never thought you would catch me going to the gym on a regular basis, my depression and diabetes now under control. Thanks Cate I haven’t felt so good since I was in my twenties JN Sept 2012

With Cate it doesn’t feel like she is in this business purely to make money but to make a positive difference to people’s lives. She genuinely cares about every one of her clients and puts 200% effort in to helping us obtain our goals. She has helped me and many others change our thinking about weight loss and exercise, I no longer focus solely on weight loss and I do not get upset if I have not lost weight at each weigh in. Cate has helped me to set and achieve goals that I hadn’t even dreamed of doing before I met her. She has supported me and encouraged me when I have been at my lowest during this competition and she has motivated me to keep going when I have struggled. Cate has made healthy living so much more fun and rewarding HW 28yr Yummy Mummy and Area Supervisor Dec 2012