Week 9 – Plan some rest and celebration!

Week 9 It's all about celebrating and rest.png

Here is a quick recap of what we recommend for this week..

  1.  Cate’s Recap – Cates Week 9 Recap   – Just under three minutes.
  2. Listen to this four Minute Video on  Motivation – from Les Brown   3min
  3. Keep sharing about your four new foods and four new activities you can do in June for the 4by4 Challenge Download our template if you need help June 4BY4 Challenge Template 2016
  4. Keep sending in your updates to us to make your reporting easier! 
  5. Check in with Cate at your PT sessions that you have a Daily Supps Program for at home 
  6. Start thinking about a July Movement goal so you can also complete a version of the Tri July

Catch create a Newsletters out to all the entrants Nationwide.  These are crammed full of awesome ideas, bonus tips and tricks and cool stuff to win.  This is unedited version from the awesome CatchCrew – some of the language is not Leap Language but the principles are the same!  A great read as you all know we are very into sleep and rest and recovery!


 Celebrating the half way mark

 What to do if you or a friend feels like quitting

 Why we all need to do recovery training


Want to see all the Catch newsletters in one place click here for all Catch Newletter Uploads