Tutuman on Tour

14987979566491631618Riwai ‘Tutuman’ Grace is our resident boxing coach and all round fun man! In May 2016, he launched his brand Tutuman on Tour at one of his favourite events: the St Clair Half Marathon. Its all about getting out and having fun with like-minded people. It doesn’t matter how you move – just enjoy what you are doing! His goal is to inspire one person off the couch and he has, and continues to do so. While Tutuman on Tour and Grace Training aren’t his full time gigs, he is still an instrumental part of the crew.

Tutuman comes from a military background, serving eight years in the New Zealand Navy and now he is a Communication Officer in the New Zealand Fire Service. He has also has his own health challenges (type 2 diabetes and gout) which he is continually learning to positively manage.

Tutuman loves to get outdoors in and around town, especially at events such as the St Clair Half Marathon, Christchurch City2surf or the Shoe Clinic 5km series. You can’t miss him either as he’ll be donning a bright neon (usually green) tutu! He also LOVES Facebook live and will often post his latest trip to a staircase in the hills, some press ups at the dog park or just because he wants to say hi!

Tutuman’s other loves are his wife and their furbabies. Parents to Missy the cat, Prince the tiny fox terrier, and Marvel the giant bullmastiff (who has no idea how massive she is!), they love their regular visits to the dog park. He also loves a good roadie, a fun foodie tour and hanging out with the boys from his 20 Week Challenge Fat Boys and Slim team.