So we are off and racing and my 20 Weeks mojo certainly arrived with gusto and excitement.    I had 40 LeapStars FUNdamentals Fitness Testing to complete.  It was amazing to be apart of everyone planning, working out their own goals and working on their MITS (Most Important Tasks) and BAMS (Bare Ass Minimums).   We also launched Moxiee our awesome habit App.   Thanks to Alex and his amazing team we hit the ground running and had over 300 checkins in the first week.   It was a little more than I had been expecting, despite a few technical teething problems, I realised that we were totally on track with the right tool to ensure our LeapStars are kept accountable during winter.     Totally getting FOMO (Fear of missing out) and because I was so impressed with the results I am already seeing that I got my trainer Lilly Down from Down To Fitness on to Moxiee too so I didn’t miss out!  Totally looking forward to loading in my habits this week.

We also did some planning for my first four weeks.   Riwai and I completed MIT and BAM forms for ourselves, and then we found a little couples competition – we have an all blacks puffer vest that currently doesn’t fit either of us… The one who fits it first gets to keep it!  We also have a journal that we found in a book shop in Wellington, it’s called Our Q&A a day.  Every day it asks us a question and we have to hand write in the answer for each other.  We know it will be an awesome record for the future.   Our first question was “What would you like your partner to remember” …..

I also worked on my categories
Adventurers – I will complete

  • 20 Adventures,
  • 20 New Recipes and
  • 20 Blogs.

And for my entrants choice

  • I will not need to be on crutches at awards night.
  • I will also not have any hospital overnight stays during this competition
  • I will bike to Raspberry Cafe from LeapHQ- Beyond The Gate
  • I will complete Albert Terrace Stairs
  • I will swim one km of Pioneer Pool
  • I will have a HWR of .58 or less

 here are my four week missions

    1. Drink 2ltres of water a day
    2. Enjoy at least four new seasonal and yummy recipes
    3. Not snooze the alarm at 5:30 on work days
    4. Be in bed, lights out and no technology by 10:30 on work days

    5. Row 1kms everyday
    6. Complete my Daily SuPPS – StepUps, Press Ups, Plank & Squats
    7. Have been back to the pool even if I need the hoist

    8. Spend at least 15mins a day on my own with no technology, work or stimulation.
    9. be a swimwear model

    10. Do at least one interesting activity in my city each week.
    This month I will
    1. Go to live theatre
    2. Go to a movie theatre (this is a worry for me as I get earthquake anxiety)
    3. Be a swimwear model in fashion show (I was a lingerie model last year and it was very overwhelming and I was so anxious.. Time to do a similar comfort zone push)
    4. Go to an art exhibition
    5. Swim 20 lengths of Pioneer Pool

    And I have a pretty awesome crew to support me on this journey
    1. My Trainer – Lilly Down
    2. My Coach –  K Annah Winheld
    3. My GP – Dr Sari Lester
    4. My Rheumatology Specialist – Mr Peter Chapman
    5. My Nurse Practitioner – Jan Ipenberg
    6. My Business Accountability Coach – Catarina Gutierrez
    7. My Accupunturist – Dr Hong Li
    8. All our fantastic LeapCrew
    9. All our amazing LeapStars
    9. and of course my gorgeous and supportive husband ….(who will not get the jacket!)

    Have a great week everyone…. I am nervous and excited

    this is the chinese symbol for longevity

    It’s so wonderful how the world works.  18 years today I was at the airport saying my goodbyes to my family and embarking on the unknown.   I flew via LA to visit Disneyland and then on to Paris where I camped out waiting in anticipation for a bus to arrive for a trip around Europe.

    It was the beginning of 18 years of Aprils that have been awe inspiring, defining moments and  life changing!

    So to honour how significant April is in my life it seemed like a good time to focus on me this year!   So I have joined my husband & LeapStars on my own 20 Week ( journey.

    There are many things I want to do (that’s a different blogpost).   However, my first challenge wa to take some time our to work out my MIT most important daily task and my BAM my bare ass mimimum.

    My MIT is to spend more 15mins or more a day on me.

    And that starts with a reflection  on where I have come from… So here goes the very short abridged version of my Appreciation of 18 Aprils!

    This weekend marked the 100 year anniversary of Gallipoli.  17 years ago I was in Turkey on my own pilgrimage from Istanbul to Anzac Cove.

    16 years ago I was travelling around Africa.

    15 years ago I was starting on an amazing project  preparing Sydney for it’s millennium Olympics.

    14 years ago I was living in Manly going through a divorce, studying at University of Sydney and on a team project managing the restructure of GIO insurance.

    13 years ago I was travelling around NZ in an old $500 car experiencing what our country had to offer.

    12 years ago I was on ACC for a dislocated shoulder from catching an out at third base while playing in our softball final.

    11 years ago I was back home and had been discharged from hospital with a suspected heart attack or virus that turned out to be Rhuematoid Arthritis

    10 years ago I was living in Wellington working as a Buisness analyst for an IT project for Ministry of Social Development.

    9 years ago I was working back in Christchurch on crutches and a zimmerframe.

    8 years ago I was on my honeymoon around Malaysia with Riwai

    7 years ago I was depressed and struggling to cope with the enormity of my health conditions

    6 years I was half way through my first ever 20 Week Challenge,  walking on sticks and learning to walk with Nordic poles for the SBS 10km walk

    5 years ago I launched our first company Leap Fitness & Motivation Ltd and was halfway through my first ever 20 week Challenge as a trainer!

    4 years ago my home town was coming to terms with losing it’s soul, and I was picking up the pieces of our business and the 20 week challenge allowed us to stay focused.

    3 years ago I was driving all over the countryside in all weather supporting LeapStars and celebrating my 5th series of the 20 Week challenge as a trainer.

    2 years ago we were starting series 10.  My health was failing me again, but I had just won the amazing honour of Christchurch Zonta Business Women of the Year.  It was the pick up we needed.

    Last year we had just had a scope of works done by EQC and were beginning a battle that would take it’s toll on our health, relationship and nearly broke us.

    This year we are popping out the end of the tunnel and the light is bright!  We have closed our EQC chapter, bought a new home, moved our businesses, opened our gorgeous studio.

    2015… is the year Riwai and I dedicate to us.  To discovering who we are in our New City.   It will be a year of reflection, discovery and finding new from the university of our past.   I am nervous, excited and ready to expect the unexcepted..  After all 18 years ago today Walt Disney taught me

    Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long.  We keep moving, forward, opening new doors and doing new things… And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”

    I hope you enjoy your 2015 as much as we will! 🙂

    Oh and my BAM is to drink 2.5 litres of fluid a day :).


    WOW! I finished it – my first book (ok booklet) but it is a collection of my beliefs on wellness and covers the Leap2it! Philosophy – a perfect gift for all of our 20 Week entrants. Of course in good Grace style it was all left to the last minute and we were all racing around like headless chickens getting it printed, copied and bound in time for the Make It Happen Seminar tomorrow tonight. I am so pleased I have done it. All the sleepless nights and midnight (ok 2am) typing was worth it. I am a little bit chuffed. A good friend of mine said it doesn’t need to be perfect it just needs to be done. Luckily I have learnt to let go of my imperfections and have managed to let it go out the door with some mistakes in it. I have no doubt there will be many more versions to in the future. Feeling prepared for this series and looking forward to a cracking evening.