The Bridge3 Generations

There are times in life when
we are called to be bridges
not a great monument spanning a distance
and carrying loads of heavy traffic.
Just a simple bridge to help
one person from here to there
over some difficulty
such as pain, grief, or loneliness
the bridge that opens the way for an ongoing journey
support is being a good bridge

My nan and mum taught me to be a good bridge and the essence of my daily life is being a good bridge for someone who needs it.
Who or what inspires you? You need to have a purpose to ignite your passion, keep your dreams alive and keep you going in the tough times.

I am inspired by those who have faced adversity and still kept kindness in their hearts. Helen Keller, Walt Disney, Oprah, Mother Teresa, Eleanor Roosevelt, Einstein, Les Brown… all greats that I have and continue to be inspired by. However it will always be my mum and nan that inspire me when I need it!

Both of them taught me the most wonderful gifts on how to face pain and adversity and get on with what I want to achieve so now I can follow my dreams of inspiring others to do the same. They are good bridges.

In loving memory of Ngaire (Nan) Falk 28/11/25 – 08/02/13