Many times in your life you are going to be challenged on your thoughts, beliefs, dreams and place in the world.

Joy thieves, tall poppy cutters, dream stealers, camper, pullers and non believers will attempt to knock you off your perch.

The trick to mastering the punches and avoid a knockout is to not listen to anyone who tries to ambush, copy, steal or belittle your dreams, because when it boils down to it;

Your dreams and goals are far bigger than what they could ever dream, and it scares them.

They are not you and can never replicate you or your uniqueness.

Since I became a full time business woman in 2010 I am still yet to meet a successful, self made person who never endured challenges, pain, mistakes or adversity of some description on their journey to success.

The truth is that in at least 99% of those I have met all faced enormous challenges. But they have taken the lessons learnt facing these things and used it wisely to pave the opportunities for further success.

I have come to the conclusion it is how you conduct yourself under pressure that really defines you.

It is attitude that makes or breaks you as a person after events that really test your values, integrity and success.

It is realising that you CAN pick yourself up and dust yourself off after the bad days, the tough days, the days you want to quit.

Believe in yourself.

Back yourself.

Immerse yourself with only those that inspire and encourage you, not hold you down in their negativity, bullying or blaming mentality.

Follow your own dreams, hold on to the passion and reasons you started in the first place.

Work hard and put the hard yards in day and night, for as long as it takes, and you will get there.

And along the path, celebrate the milestones, love those near to you and live, enjoy, appreciate and participate in the abundance your dreams and goals offer.

And so my friends – it’s going to be ok and tomorrow the sun will come up and we can start again.

Smiles and Hugs x

Photo credit Motivating Giraffe


Summer Starter 2015

What an epic adventure; I completed at the Summer Starter!  It was a super hard final pool session, as my back and leg were not 100% but Allison (my physio) and I discussed that I would be good to go on event day. Allison suggested she would love me to take my crutches as a back up…So after much contemplating over a coffee and late breakfast how one can carry crutches without using them and lead Prince, the Tribe came up with awesome ideas and Riwai decided that he would join me on my epic 4km marathon as support!
It was a great day out and having so many supporting me, my mum (despite her back injury) dad, four of my cousins, Allison, Riwai and Prince, all the LeapCrew including Lou, David, Lilly and her parents and nephew and Callum and his parents and over 50 of our tribe!  The TutuMaker Anne, and Linley for helping me in the tent at the start and with ice when I burst a balloon into it!  Lol – The show must go on after all that training.

It was a hugely emotional but amazing day for me. It was not only magic to cross the finish line but it was even more magic to arrive back and see my dream of a fun and supportive tribe hanging out celebrating!

So a huge thank you to everyone who took part today, supported me in the lead up, during the event, at the finish line, BBQ and after party. Special mention to the BBQ team who ran fast to get back and help with the sausages and and pack down crew who kept the peace between me and Riwai, as I was certainly getting tired by the end of the day.   Huge thanks to my adorable husband who sacrificed his own event to join me and then took me to Rolleston for an hours soak in the pool – it was definitely the bit that made me feel amazing on Monday!  So hashtag summerstarter16 has been created already and who knows what 2016 will bring!

ps Everyone of you would have all made my Nan super proud and she would have enjoyed all the celebrations, laugher, smiles, hugs and stories.  The entire day was fabulous and I have memories that will last forever . I said to Allison (who walked closely the entire way) today made all the training worth it.

Made sweeter that I got to celebrate my milestone with your all – thank you so so much. Xx !

This is one of my absolute favourite pics from all of our wonderful photo shoots and one for all the LeapStars!   ONE MORE SLEEP!  

Summer Starter – For today’s editorial read more here….

 Photo Credit Stacey Squires.

It is just one more sleep until The Press Summer Starter…. And the above picture is one of my favourites from our photo shoot from our interviews with Emily Spink.  This one is for the LeapStars – punishment for Riwai as he had to plank with me on his back!

I have spent the last few months spending Friday mornings at the Burwood Hospital getting my back strong enough to make the epic 4km journey tomorrow without my crutches.   It has been an amazing journey so far and I know tomorrow I will enjoy every minute of the event.   I have butterflies but know that Nan is on my shoulder.

I did my last event with her and Riwai would push her in the wheelchair 20130627-155636.jpgwhile she admired all the legs – true story and her words!   Before that Mum and I would push her.

Because weekend would have been her 90th birthday it is even more special for us all.  Today Riwai and I took her handprint to the tent where the after party will be.   We will be having a sausage sizzle and lots of people milling around – I am sure she would have loved it.

Nans Handprint
Nan’s Hand Print will look over us tomorrow at the Summer Starter

This year for the first time ever I will also be donning a Tutu!  It made us realise that I have never needed one as have always been on the sidelines cheering in support.  Tomorrow my newly designed one will get it’s very first outing and we are both excited!  They both look amazing and to top off our fabulous new Pink and Green Tutus  we will have yellow wigs in support of Ronald McDonald House .

So if you are in Christchurch keep and eye out for us.. and if you aren’t we will have pictures up tomorrow night for you 🙂

11988774_10153634719874536_9182733790530857149_n (1)


Huggle Buggles to you all and I look forward to sharing all the stories with you tomorrow.   Love you Nan and you will always be in my heart






It is hard to ignore what has occurred around the world this past few days, especially if you are on social media.   Our feeds have been full of posts that without question have an impact on our opinions, viewpoints and stand on how we feel.

I have pondered my own stand point , having  realised before gathering more info I found myself changing my profile picture, and sharing Dodinsky’s post within a few hours of the Paris events.   As I did this I felt sickened by the horrific and tragic acts that had occurred.   I remembered walking through Paris, feeling connected to the city and its sadness.

Within a few hours I had become  deeply perplexed and confused why this event touched me and so many people so quickly and so deeply.  Perhaps it is because many of us have been to the city, perhaps images of the Eiffel Tower or Jean Juliens peace symbol resonated or the power of social media moved us all so swiftly.   Was it our own vulnerabilities and fears that took over?

It is no doubt that it was horrific but within those few hours I left pondering why Syria’s death toll of 250k and rising and the 30,000 children’s death has not yet had me reaching for new Facebook profile pics.  Why I had skimmed over the  news of the Lebanon suicide bomber in the world news section this morning?

It was almost to overwhelming to bear.   How can I possibly be making informed decisions within a  world of  instant social media delivering live feeds and opinions of the worlds unfolding tragic events within  seconds.

To me our new technological ages delivers tragic reminders of our vulnerability.  As I continue to unravel the impact that world  events have on me as an individual, three things remain constant;

1.  We have the power to find peace in our own heart.

2. We have the power to love and care for those who are near and dear to us always

3.  We have the power to  stand together for love, peace and humanity

Let the evil of the world not conquer our humanity and ability for love and kindness.  This afternoon I changed my profile picture back to a single white rose.  In respect of anyone who lost a loved one recently, irrespective of whether in Europe, Middle East, Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Pacific, Antartica or here at home.  For the passing of a loved one any time is a sad and tumultuous time .

Much love to you all.




It has been an amazing five years and I am still amazed that this day seems to be a significant day each year!  WOW!
Today 2015…….  I am so excited that I am up for Peoples Choice AMP Scholarship.  This accolade comes on the same day as my 5th Anniversary as a business owner.   For the next week voting is available from the public.    
 I am alongside some of the most extraordinary NZ’s from all backgrounds and all walks of life.   It is such an honour.   I entered so that I can support more people to discover and share their good news.  I just love doing it and last week when speaking in Geraldine it was suggested I could do so much more cool stuff to reach more pockets of NZ.   So I would love your vote but please have a look at all the wonderful dreams and make the choice that resonates best with you!  Please vote  

2010 – I logged out for the final time in my very safe enjoyable job working with Youth to pursue my dreams of empowering others to discover and share their good news.

2011 – I was on a roadie following the All Blacks around on the quest to win the 2011 Rugby World Cup.  We were at Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin supporting England

2012 – I launched our summer programme Sweat and headed to Sydney where I had my dream date with Riwai at Tetsuyas (

2013 – We had boarded a plane to London to go on stage with my crutches as one of the Top 10 Global Personal Trainers To Watch of 2013.

2014 – I was named a finalist for Westpac Woman of Influence

What an extraordinary day in history for me!
I wonder what will be in the future of this day for me it’s certainly been an amazing ride thus far!

Much love and hugs



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Warning – Oscar Speech……….

Five years ago I resigned from my very safe government job to pursue my dream of inspiring, encouraging and empowering women who were facing adversity to discover and share their own good news

It has been an emotional roller coaster and at times I have been so busy following my passion that I forgot to discover and share my own good news. This time last year I was in a wheelchair, my health deteriorating and I ended up on a high potency regime of drugs again, this led me to not being able to be as active as I wanted to and my health and emotional health suffered. The irony being that I had lost my own sense of self and self belief. This year despite being a trainer in the NZ fitness industry, I went backwards, I had to start again and do what I knew worked for me.  It was a holistic approach to ensure I could discover and share my own good news again. Thank you to Broni Mcsweeney who is the brain child behind the Catch Fitness 20 Week Body & Lifestyle Competition​. I set some BHAG that seemed scary and impossible in April. I committed to myself and ultimately have won the most wonderful gift. I have completed all I set out to do. I can now walk around the block 7 minutes faster without crutches, I can look in the mirror and am proud of who I am. I have a purpose and am excited about what the next five years will bring. My specialist team have said that I don’t need back surgery in the foreseeable future as I am positively managing my pain. There are many small steps that have led me to feeling amazing today! A huge thanks to Lilly and Lou for all your support and encouragement. Huge hugs and smiles to all my beautiful LeapStars for believing in me, on my tough days you all kept me going. Thank you to my beautiful family and friends who propped me up especially in the tough days this past few winters. And as always to my beautiful soul mate Riwai who without I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. And finally to the woman behind the camera, who flew from Australia and captured who I really am, and let me see what others see, Annie Murray –    you are an earth angel, and with your work I finally have true self-love and self belief. CxMe 2015

Where were you on September 4 2010?   This one question will be with all of us for ever. There is a long list of negative words to describe the ordeal and five years on the impact is still wide felt, just this weekend I took down a light shade that tinkled each time we walked past it, unlocking a memory of the aftershocks, and having me still reach for my phone to see how everyone is.

On the flip side this month marks my five year anniversary of leaving my safe, rewarding government job and stepping out into the unknown   I was working at one of the welfare centres set up in a high school hall to support East Christchurch in the after math of the 7.1.    It was the first big aftershock I had felt at work – it was the Wednesday following.    We all scrambled under an old trestle table,  I was with a youth who grabbed my hand under the desk.     He had been with me at a seminar a few weeks earlier where I dressed up in my PJ’s to show Youth that wearing what you liked was not the best for job interviews,  we then did an exercise on following your dreams.    As we lay on the wooden floor with the lights waving around, he grabbed my hand as I was shaking “Miss, is this job following your dreams”    He was quoting me back what I had taught them about Walt Disney.

   “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” Walt Disney.

I remember hitting my head on the table as I came up and that I inappropriately starting laughing – not because of the earthquakes, but because I knew he was right, I was also chuffed he had listened.   Still till this day I can’t remember his name, but he certainly was a piece of the puzzle that led me to do what I love every day.      It was a moment that had a big impact.

We forget that technology was not such a big part of our lives.    I began using Facebook and Twitter a whole lot more, who knows I might have anyway but I believe that my increase and presence of Social Media helped me not to smoke or drink in the tough times!   It was a great distraction and way of keeping connected and communicate with all walks of life.   Being awake so much also meant that I googled a lot!   If only I had blogged – what wonderful memories I would have to look back on.

I did however find this quote that I discovered the first week of September 2010.

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

It is the mantra that I draw strength from on the hard days,  in the beginning I would read it during the long nights when I became afraid of being alone,  which eventually became a fear of the dark.    In the morning when getting ready to face the day was challenging.    It was there for me during the horrific days, the guilt ridden days, the overwhelming days.    Now  I read it as the balance of our lives is returning,   There are days of celebration,  days of connectedness  and recently Riwai and I both looked at each other and were able to say there are days of elation and happiness.

Over the past year those days have turned into weeks and those weeks are turning into months.    We know that soon we will just be people full of happiness that have normal ups and downs.  We will be able to say  “Yes we were in Christchurch in 2010 & 2011.  We survived,  We lived through the horror and we gained strength, courage and confidence because of it.

I went to high school for only four years, my tertiary education was scattered over the years and universities.    This last five years is the one university I stuck out, until the end!  I took all the bad and found good where I least expected.     I studied myself  through all this turmoil and I learnt an incredible amount of insight into who I am and who I want to be.

Graduation day is not  far away, when the good days are more than the tough days and when it happens I am sure Riwai and I will get dressed up and celebrate our graduation from the University of ChchEQC.

We will graduate with a new mantra – The struggle of life is one of our greatest blessings.  It makes us patient and sensitive.  It teaches us that although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it

Instagram Post (3)

And then a new chapter of my life will begin – because somehow doing all this study on myself I went from celebrating my 37th birthday to somehow  being in my 40’s!   My wonderful nan did use to say the 40’s are great years!    I wonder if she meant the 1940’s or being in my 40’s!

Either way I am ready to take on what ever life brings next!





It only took six years but seriously I have discovered a magic, quick fix cure for you, and it is assured to solve all your woes.  Throw away all the advice you have ever been told… Living, Water, Nourishing, Exercise, Appreciating, Positivity is all such old news!

It appears from heaps of strangers lately that I have been completely wrong in all my teachings and actually what I need and all my loyal followers and LeapStars need is what these random strangers are offering me!

Oh and it doesn’t cost much, won’t take long and ít will change your life..

And guess what their products are gluten free, dairy free and the only wholefood you will need….. Too good to be true.   THATS EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT…..

What has been happening out there and why do complete strangers think that I would want to push their rip offs products and quick fixes!   You see in the past few months I have been inundated with requests from people to try their latest whole food solution.  Repeated messages from around the world inviting me that I must jump on board and sell sell sell to all my clients their wonderful product.   It’s all over social media so it must work!    Hold the phone I smell a rat!  A big stinking this is not what it says rat!

There’s a hole in my bucket dear henry, a hole! I used to love this song when growing up and today I was humming along to the tune as I typed this blog post as there appears to be a hole in my whole food bucket dear industry a big hole!

Check out these emails first..

Hey Cate,  I have been following you for sometime and totally think you are unwell because of a trauma that happened in your childhood.  I have the solution for less that a cup of coffee a day.  When can I call you to cure you. 

Hi Cate – I got this new business opportunity and I have launched into it with a few friends. I want you in this when can we chat via phone/skype I can run you through it Let me know and we will take good care of you

Hey there Just saw your post – have you thought about using a worldwide great product – if you want info private message me I can talk to you about it to help you achieve your goal of healthy living

Hi there,
I’m running a really cool health event in Christchurch and wondered if you would be interested in coming along. I work for a wholefood company and we inspire many people to better health so thought this might be of interest to you? I can see you’re passionate about health.

Of course I am always looking for ways to enhance my practice for clients and I was intrigued so I googled their websites – There were four different products but all claiming pretty much the same thing….

Now before we go on I also want to share my own opinion on whole food – In all my studies and research my understanding of wholefood leads me to the conclusion that whole food is consuming food that still looks as it did growing in nature, or very close to it. Basically, food that has not been messed with, or only minimally messed with. This is because everything (all the nutrients and fibre) in that whole fruit, vegetable, grain, legume (beans, peas, lentils), nut or seed has already been perfectly arranged through nature and is ready for human consumption.  The human body runs most efficiently on food that is in its natural form, or very close to it.

So when I google one of the companies I have had more than one email from I am excited to find the following………..

 “We are all about eating whole food and making sure it tastes great.  Think lots of fresh produce, nutritious smoothies and clean treats – all gluten free”

Awesome I think to myself – finally a promotion that believes in eating real food…. Nek Minute and rolling to the bottom of the page….

**** Detox ********
$6.10 PER DAY*
60 Smoothie Sachets in Vanilla & Chocolate
Whole-food Fruit & Vegetable Capsules
Plus Whole-food Berry Capsules
Access to private support group
Perfect for those who are exercising (to help recovery) or need that boost of antioxidants for cardiovascular health, skin health.

Discovering that this whole food program is full of sachets and capsules took me by suprise!  Worse however was that they are even suggesting the capsules are whole food…. hmmm how on earth do they cram whole vegetables, fruit and berrys into a synthetic manufactured capsule and then popped in a bottle is beyond me….. bear in mind this is completely my own opinion….but what a load of codswallop and bullshite!

So folks this week I just wanted to share that before we jump into the latest fad because someone is good at selling to our pain, weakness or fears then make sure it is a choice that you are completely happy with…. Oh and also as I said to one of my LeapStars this week make sure the regime you are going to embark on could be given to your children…. If not maybe you might reconsider why you wouldn’t give it to your children?

And remember that this entire post is based purely on my opinions and written purely as a thought provoker for anyone considering their options so they are armed with the tools to ask the right questions.

Then you will be better informed to work out the best way forward for yourself.

ps also this is a great video for those considering any detox and the next one is great for anyone considering gluten free.

pps thoughts and comments always welcome

ppps there were no whole foods altered during the writing of this blog

source The Checkout TV