Cate has travelled a challenging road to become one of today’s elite personal trainers and sought after motivational speakers in New Zealand. Her passion is in working with women to overcome adversity, discover their good news and celebrate daily!

After battling chronic health conditions, Cate decided to change her course in life and look to the fitness world for help, and she hasn’t looked back. Cate is the founder of Grace Training (formally Leap Fitness & Motivation and Leap2it!) located in Christchurch, New Zealand and has been a REPs certified personal trainer for more than three years. She is dedicated to inspire and motivate people who have gone through personal struggles to get healthy, and discover and share their good news.

Her passion is helping others across their personal bridges on their own life journey and empowering people to find and share their good news. She is inspiring people to participate positively in their world, appreciate themselves and their surroundings, live their lives and embrace the importance of hydration, rest and nourishing, and enjoy movement and exercise.

She delivers her messages through consultations, Facebook, writing and speaking engagements. She is the perfect after lunch or brain break speaker offering high energy interactive sessions that leave you feeling revitalised and smiling.

Locally in her hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand she offers individual consultations, online coaching, group training and corporate events. She has studied Project Management at the University of Sydney, Health Sciences and Rehabilitation at Massey University, Specialised Fitness and Business at MAX International College of Fitness and is a REPS registered personal trainer.

She has travelled extensively and returned home to Christchurch in 2002. Following a hospital admission in early 2004 she positively manages living with chronic rheumatoid arthritis, osteopaenia , chronic asthma and endometriosis. She has had a rollercoaster ride from chronic illness to wellness. She continues positively manage her conditions through strives to inspire and empower others to do the same.

Cate has a growing list of accolades that she puts down to doing what she loves and waking up each day with a passion to make a difference… read more here on her awards and media.

When Cate’s not empowering others she loves hanging out with her hubbie Riwai, exercising her fox terrier miniature, Prince and her giant bullmastiff X, Marvel. She loves cycling and swimming when her joints allow it, soaking up the sun or liquid sunshine (the rain), hanging out in nature, exploring new cultures and catching up with family and friends. She may be spotted at the odd coffee shop or new restaurant around town. She continues with her own health and wellness missions by continually coming up with unique ways to positively manage her life and wellness.