Day 9 – I love it when a plan comes together.   Here are some wise words I found that I had to share with you all!
2009 – I survived – appreciating the battles I had been through and being proud of my battle scars as evidence of my strength and resilience in battle
2010 – I dream – after drama and trauma had to learn to dream of a happy future –
2011 – I can – I had to build confidence in my ability to make a new life and believe it would be exceptional
2012 – I plan – I started planning and planning to get to the new dreams and turned them into my goals
2013 – this is the year of I WILL – this is when the plans are put in place and start the journey to those life desires
2014 will be I AM – living the dream babee!!!!

day 9 will smith

Day 8 – Keep forming new habits this week.   This week keep focusing on your life desire and make sure it is a measurable goal that you can celebrate.     To keep going we need to form habits and the best way to do this is to make a change (everyday if you can) that you can start immediately be able to continue with this routine once you return to your 2013 routine.
 Day 8 - Motivation

Day  7 –  What a great evening to make sure that what you are aiming for is what you really want to achieve with all your heart.     If not sometimes the journey is just as important and its ok to change direction!  If you are on track keep enjoying the process!  Say that goal out loud and keep doing 3 tasks towards your end desire.   You are AMAZING!! Smiles & Hugs x


Day 5  – Don’t worry about making mistakes or not acting until you can do it perfectly,  focus on any small changes you can do NOW.    It really is that simple. You need to know that that failure and mistakes don’t define you, but it propels you onto bigger, better things. You will be knocked down, you will be beaten, and you will make mistakes. Guess what successful people call that? Growth. No one succeeds without experiencing those three things.
Don’t believe me? “I will not say I failed 1000 times, I will say I discovered there are 1000 ways that can cause failure” — Thomas Edison
“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that… is why I succeed.” — Michael Jordan
Steve Jobs, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our era, created one of the greatest companies of our era, Apple. He was also fired from the very company he created (and then later rehired and led the company to a level of success even he didn’t dream of). During his time away from Apple, he owned two other companies, NEXT and Pixar. He almost single-handedly ran NEXT into the ground. His vision for the company wasn’t the vision the market had or wanted. Luckily, he was convinced to make a pivot and pursue a different market.   He also almost single handedly ran Pixar into the ground. If it wasn’t for two of his closest employees at the company who convinced him to focus on cartoon animation, Pixar would not be the wildly successful company it is today (and we wouldn’t have Toy Story, Monster’s Inc, Up, etc). And when reporters would ask Steve about the “dark years”, he’d confidently tell them those failures during that time directly led him to his success at Apple, turning it into one of the greatest entrepreneurial stories of all time. Failure didn’t define him. It propelled him.
So go forward LeapStars and make mistakes, let them make 2013 your best yet by Growing from what you learn 🙂 Smiles & hugs and happy NEW YEAR xx

Day 4 – Congrats to those who took action, some of you may not have started yesterday and thats ok because  Today is a new day and a great day to take action towards the dream you are chasing.   Complete three  actions today towards your life desire.    It is also a fabulous day to reflect and find five strengths you have mastered over the last 12 months.   Write down what you did well this year, what came easy, what made you smile.    Use these events to remind yourself of your strengths.  Smiles & Hugs xx Image

Day 1 –  Committing to your dream.   Today is the day that you take your idea and write it in a positive and willfull way.   “I will [______________] by 28 January 2013.   It will make me feel [______________] when I achieve this.   Writing our goals down is a large part of the process.  It doesn’t matter how or where you write it.  It is your chance to express yourself, afterall it is your dream.  Some ideas in the past have been making a picture of your dream, finding a quote or song that reminds you of where you are heading.   It might simply be your handwriting on a mirror, wallet or screen saver.  Write it somewhere & enjoy the process!  Get to Planting the seeds to achieve extraordDay 1 - Thoughtsinary things this year.  Smiles & Hugs.