What and extraordinary weekend. I so excited to be a presenter alongside some of the greatest fitness and exercise greats. I was able to share my passion on training those with arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. My workshop was not until Sunday afternoon, so that gave me the amazing opportunity to be a delegate on Friday and Saturday. Fantastic speakers and inspiring thought provoking ideas.

The key note speaker Derek Barton shared his wisdom on the power of our words.

He shared how powerful words can be to evoke feeling and none more so than this short story written by Ernst Hemmingway.


If this wasn’t powerful enough we then watched this powerful clip

Change your words

and as I had a tear in my eye for both examples I was powerfully reminded of why I keep my sessions as a positive word environment – change your words, change your ways and you can change your world.

What an amazing whirlwind it has been since returning from London. Highs and lows and we have hardly had a moment to touch the ground. With a weekend at home I have managed to catch up on some reading – Sophie Pascoe – Stroke of Fate is the inspirational biography of courage and self belief. I found this great article with some fabulous pics of Sophie. Sophie Pascoes stroke of fate a great article by Donna Flemming.

Both the book and the article gave me the inspiration I needed to get going and complete my final preparation for my presentation in Auckland next week at FitEx on Sunday. Very excited to be sharing my thoughts on training people with arthritis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease in a fun and functional way.

Sometimes when you hit a block you just need a touch of inspiration to get you going again. Thank you Sophie Pascoe for being my inspiration this weekend.


Thank you Jetstar for an amazing opportunity to be at the 2013 Arthritis NZ Conference – read more here about Jetstars generous support. JetStar support gets world leading personal trainer to 2013 Arthritis NZ conference

What a delight it was to speak with Sandra Kirby (CEO) of Arthritis NZ at the 2013 conference in Auckland this weekend. As she put it she was gathering her generals to gather troops and I was proud to be her General Cate for raising Awareness of arthritis. This was the second year the conference was open to the public. With over 220 people attending it was fantastic to be a part of the day. I spoke on raising awareness of arthritis and helping others to celebrate what we do have not just what we have lost or are unable to do. Arthritis of all forms (over 140) is poorly supported for funding because it is not fatal. Sadly many people have reduced quality of life and live in pain because of “just having arthritis” for the young it can take up to two years of anxiousness, fear, pain and testing before a diagnosis is found. For those older and mature adults, just having arthritis is almost “a given of being old”. We want this not to be the case. It is not ok to live in pain. Join the fight to raise awareness and work collaboratively to help the burden that arthritis has on patients, carers, family, friends and the wider community. For more on how to help check out Arthritis NZ