What a SUPER day it turned out to be..

So it’s after midnight but this always happens after any treatment I get as I get a bit dose of IV steroids that lasts a day or so.    The good news is I wanted to share a couple of very cool groups of super heroes, some I have never met but they have been rocks and supported me on more than one day this past six months. They are all heroes in my eyes read more on how they changed me life here..

Firstly the superheroes at the CDHB 🌟  and Surgical Day Unit 🌟 ! I counted 14 different people who came and advised me and made me feel comfortable at the odd anxious moment and completed the procedure quickly and smoothly.    Three on the anaesthetic team, two consultants, one registrar, pre-op, surgical, recovery and post op nurses.. Not to mention the behind the scenes crew I never met! It was amazing and all of them are super heroes in my mind!  Thank you.

So far (apart from the temporary insomnia ) I am feeling good .  My Rheumatoid Arthritis flare means I qualify for another round of my magic treatment, it is pretty awesome that the NZ health system and treatments have come so far and are  working for me to keep everything at bay physically so I feel we are leaping off to a great start of my 20 years of arthritis celebrations with another superhero Rheumatology and Immunology team at CDHB 🌟 .

The flip side of course is the emotional roller coaster still has its challenging days.  So here is another group of super heroes I have never met but been rocks and supported  me on more than one day this six months.

Introducing YOU App..


making sustainable changes on day at a time

I feel blessed that following Jamie Oliver and his food revolution campaign in May 2015 that I discovered and became a part of an incredible community through the @YOU_APP. The amazing @YOU_team along with the ever inspirational @jamieoliver and all of the people involved make it such a positive, empowering and life changing experience. Those who already follow me know that 2016, has started out pretty challenging on the health front and I know that is largely because I give and give and forget to look after myself. After six years of hard work and dream chasing my hubbie (@tutumannz) and I opened our specialised wellness studio LeapHQ, empowering others with health conditions to leap2it! and discover their own life balance, and share their good news.

It’s been an amazing year and personally it had so much to do with this APP. During our NZ winter when usually I get sick I turned YOU actions to help keep my balanced. I became the wellest (doubt that’s even a word) energised and healthiest I had been in a decade thanks all the micro actions I did. One day my dream is to meet them and give them all a big thank you hug. They hopefully know how much they positively impacted on my life and how everything fits perfectly into my LEAP philosophies for loving life, enjoying exercise, appreciating all around YOU and participating positively. This year I am going to use the APP to record a one minute diary and most importantly I am no longer going to be selfish and keep this APP to myself! The world needs more of YOU to know about it and grow this community so we all live in a healthier, fitter. stronger, and happy place.

So for 2016 I highly recommend you download https://you-app.com, follow their blog and be apart of something great 🌟 and while you we are on the subject of super heroes you can not go  past a look at Jamie Oliver’s new book Everyday Super Food 🌟  or his blog to learn more here http://www.jamieoliver.com/healthier-happier-you/

12:45am and yay! Finally a yawn x

Happy lunching northern friends

Good night down under friends

Smiles and Hugs



What else should a girl do while waiting for the Eurostar…. Champagne tasting of course 🙂

Today was an amazing travelling day – early morning tube to to catch the lunchtime Eurostar, lunch in Paris and train to Beavious before taxi to the airport to catch a plane to the Algarve in Portugal – arriving at 11:30pm. It was surprisingly a very relaxing and enjoyable day. The snails for lunch were a highlight until we have arrived in paradise…

Hugs were invented to let people know you love them without having to say anything

As we check out of the Sopwell my excitement builds again, just as I know I will see Kim again, my next hug will be for someone I met while on my OE in 1997. It has been a friendship from afar for over 16 years. Anne calls me Little Sis and I call her Big Sis. She opened her doors to me when I travelled and I often used her address as a base when I travelled back and forth from London. We only have a couple of days in London and despite having many offers of beds we know my body needs a break and Anne and Kevin, with their furry babies Molly and Terry are the perfect retreat to soak it all in. As they pull up it is just like the movies, squells of delight, true smiles from ear to ear and the long hug that says everything without uttering a single word.

The boys sit back and smile too, Anne jumps in the back and we non stop yabble yabble all the way to a country pub for lunch. I am so impressed to see salad and salmon on the menu and we sit back and catch up all afternoon in the most idylic setting – the pub is called the Cricketers and is dog friendly so we feel quite at home seeing all sorts of furry friends coming in after their walk in the common.

We are feeling nice and relaxed and my body is holding up well. Riwai decided to put a call out to everyone in the UK to meet tomorrow at a pub for a Sunday afternoon catch up. We are only in London for the weekend and we know it will be a big ask but it was the only way we could do it. We have a few yes’s so that is Sunday all planned.

As we are driving home, Kevin asks what our preference is for dinner. Riwai has been an amazing support crew not just here but over the last few years so the least I can do is let him pick dinner – knowing full well it will be his favourite and my least favourite Indian! Apparently no London trip is complete without a Curry and a Pint!

We have a great dinner and I must say the food was pretty damn good. An early night and a big sleep in the next day was just what we both needed. Ready to go again.

Another round of those perfect long hugs where you don’t have to say anything. We are so blessed to catch up with everyone, we were sad we didn’t have more time for those we missed, but all the same it is a great day.

We are due to leave on the Eurostar tomorrow…. but Kevin and Anne think this should be our – Arrghfeckit Tour – They both have tomorrow off and have concocted a plan they think we don’t want to miss…… and before we know it we have rebooked the train for Wednesday.


That was the most memorable and amazing day and up with one of the top 10 things I have ever done. I am still pinching myself and a litte in awe of who I was surrounded by, who I was supported by and how I did what I set out to do in my unique style. I may not have taken home the first prize however I have gained so much and totally feel like a winner. The judges feedback was so valuable.

And the top prize went to a most deserving and humble winner, Kim Ingleby is an amazing person and trainer and with 15 years experience and her own unique story. it was an absolute pleasure to spend time with her and the other eight magnificent trainers. It is a life changing day I will never never forget.






This year was the 10th series of the 20 Weeks body and lifestyle competition. What an epic and amazing series it was. It was my seventh series and every year it just keeps getting bigger and better.

This unique competition showcases the individual journey of an entrant in pursuit of a mission they have chosen.

The judges recognise best changes in each category rather than just the best. It allows for anybody with a goal – big or small enter and do well. It allows trainers to offer a holistic style of training that can be tailored to an individuals needs.

Last week we celebrated 49 Leapstars completing in the Catch Fitness 20 Weeks Body and Lifestyle competition. It is my busiest month of the year. The last few weeks August involving testing and report writing, before submitting measurements, fitness tests, inside health check, testimony and photos to nationwide judging panel. Over two weeks they read every entrant across the country and decide the finalists and winners in 17 Categories. Then the entrants night of nights arrives. It is my most favourite night of the year as we see the transformation from the gym to the glamour and glitz they all deserve. We all attend a Black Tie awards function in the Grand Hall of the Chateau Hotel and then we take over a restaurant to celebrate the success of every LeapStar entrant.

There as simply no way we were missing out on the night. I never go in expecting winners or finalists, not because no one deserves one but simply because I believe every single one of my entrants has already won. I love celebrating their success and transformations. I am often asked who my favourite is or who do I expect to be a finalist. When asked I feel like a mother who is being asked to favour one child over another. It is a near impossible task as everyone has such a different set of results, a different set of circumstances that arrived them as a LeapStar, a different reason to share good news and celebrate their individual success. During the 20 weeks I get to see the transformation and bring it together in a judges report . I told the head judges this year, I am sorry if they are not in the correct order or we have submitted more than required, but I write my reports for my LeapStars to showcase their remarkable journey.

Last Monday night arrived into the Grand Hall and it looks exquisite – thank goodness I had waterproof mascara as the team looked amazing, and I kept hearing myself say “I did that, I helped shape that”. It was simply fabulous. I was so overwhelmed that I nearly missed our first finalists being named. What an evening, as were heading to the restaurant it was all surreal – We had seen Leap 18 LeapStars up on the big screen listed in 25 finalist spots We took home seven winners titles. I was totally overwhelmed in a uber proud and excited way. Then when the night seemingly couldn’t get much better it occured to me that this series the judges got us, they got what Leap was about in this milestone 10th series. They could see that we don’t do ordinary and we don’t focus only on weight donation. We focus on being healthier, fitter, stronger and happy from the inside and out. Seeing our entrants being acknowledged for that was the best feeling in the world.

Our finalists list is as follows with our winners underlined;
Adventure – Emma Alldridge
Balance – Anna Wright, Sarah Taylor and Guillermo Ocano
Cardiovasular changes – Rebecca Richards, Sarah Taylor, Dale Watson
Entrants Choice – Josephine Dove, Evan Taylor
Flexibility – Shannon Moore
Lifestyle – Dale Watson, Emma Alldridge
Maintanance – Bernadette Smith
New Mums – Sarah Taylor
Opals (Over 60s) – Cathryn McEwan
Overall Entrant – Lou McLeod, Kerrie de Haan
Strength – Amy Billingsly, Lou McLeod, David McLeod, Dave Race
Top Job (special mention) – Kerrie de Haan, Flora McCormack
Tutuman (Under 16) – Hannah MacDonnell
Upper Body – Evan Taylor

And we had a futher 31 other amazing entrants they also changed their lives and have opened new doors of opportunity. A special meniton to our entrants choice Wendy Davie who was voted by the tribe as an inpiration this series.

Congratulations to all our entrants and their support crews. We know your all all winners in some way in your own lives. And despite all the hard work, ups and downs, good bad and the ugly we will be back in April 2014 to do it all again and we hope you will be joining us 🙂


Today this pic popped up in my news feed. If I was looking for a sign this was it!

Twelve years ago I was sitting in a harbour view restaurant sharing a Monday after match lunch with two senior engineers and three key stakeholder clients. . The British Lions had just lost to the Wallabies. Dad had taught to me to always support the All Blacks or anyone playing Australia so I had worn my red suit jacket and red boots to create a great conversation starter with the five boys.

Last night the British Lions fought a hard battle down to the wire against the wallabies in Briabane and won!

Over the past few weeks I had been feeling a little incongruent and had been feeling myself slip into worrying about what others think. I was feeling compelled to conform and follow the sheep. It is so silly as I have the most wonderful group of people around me who believe in what I do, sadly a few sheep in wolves clothing had been throwing me off.

The win and atmosphere in Brisbane reminded me of one of two of my wonderful bosses/mentors I had overseas…..

1. My very British ex military, rugby mad Investment Banker who said in my last week as his project assistant – “Don’t change Cate, the world needs more honest hard working kiwis. One day you will make a great role model and remember everything I put you through. Don’t quit when it gets too hard…. Keep your chin up and fight for what you believe in!
2. My very traditional Australian, also sport mad and talented Mechanical engineer who took me out for lunch at one of Sydneys finest during the 2001 British Lions Tour. I had led my first ever $10mill project on time and under budget. “Cate, you have changed Sydney and our sector for ever, all these blokes will think twice about saying no to having a woman on their team. The clever ones chose you while those fuddy duddys are kicking themselves for saying No. In the future you make sure you ignore the lambs, vultures, monkeys and soothsayers! Follow your instincts and dare to be different. Roar like a lion! And if you don’t study engineering you promise me you use your talent to kick ass!!

So to all those bosses out there – dish out some praise every now and then…. It may just change a life or an entire sector without you ever realising it. Who would have thought all these years later what pearls of wisdom they both had both offered me…

I am not an Investment Banker or even in finance and I didn’t go on to study Engineering but I am sure they would be both pleased to know I am kicking ass, being a role model and roaring like a lion.

Oops nearly forgot …….a huge thanks to those boys at lunch all those years ago at Aria – thank you for the banter, picking up the tab because you felt sorry “my” team lost and setting me up with a wonderful lifetime memory. Every four years when the British Lions tour I will be a reminded its ok to stand out from the crowd and Always Be Me!


Yesterday I met the most extraordinary woman. It was our first ever meeting and as we chatted away I realised how easy the conversation came, how many things we had in common while also celebrating our uniqueness and individualism. It was an amazing conversation for me to have. We finished with a hug, that little reaffirming moment, that hugging is appropriate for because you have made such a wonderful connection with someone.

After this weeks life is a puzzle post, the meeting was like finding one of those pieces you have been stuck on for too long. That small piece in the puzzle that allows you to see an important part of your picture and the flow on of being able to link many other pieces that before made no sense at all.

It was the first time in a long time I remember being completely and 100% me on a first meeting. It was inspiring being totally comfortable with who I am am and who I have become.

Most of all I noticed our genuine laughter, smiles, love for life and hug. Thank you J – it was a life changing moment. :).



Many of my LeapStars have been sharing their unique and interesting hobbies and interests. Some of them are searching for a 30 day challenge to complement a 20 Week Challenge they are taking part in. For some of my very busy LeapStars thinking of something to do that resonates with them has been a challenge. Heret is a few ideas that to help you find what makes your heart sing

How I find my interest area in myself there are lot of ways find you interest area? I am going to tell you somethings I tried and have worked for me.
Think of it like research about your self.
•What are the 50 things in life you most enjoy doing? (Don’t stop until you have at least 50 things listed).
• What do people say that you’re naturally good at? That is, what do people tend to give you compliments on without you even expecting it?
• What things do you normally excel in without it seeming to be much effort at all?
• What things, when you do them, you totally lose track of time, and before
you know it, a few hours have gone past without you even realizing it?
• What topics can you talk to someone else about for hours on end without getting tired or bored of it?
• What kind of topics do you like researching or finding out about more,
without being forced to do it?
• What do you think your natural talents are?
• What topic do you think you could write about every day, knowing that there
will be no reward?

These are but a few questions to help you get started. And that’s all you should see them as…a starting point.
Finding out what you’re truly interest about could sometimes take a few weeks, months or even years. What I’ve found so far with myself, is that it’s an ongoing process, and as time goes by, I try to tweak mine further and further into the things that I’m naturally good at and enjoy doing.

It is an evolving work in progress but taking time to work on me has helped me rediscover my love of nature, travel, positivity breakaways, Vitamin P (pets), clean sheet night, citrus based smells, flowers, warm bubble baths, sunrise, sunset, camping, different cultures, quiet meditation, candles and soft lighting, custard, exotic fruits, butterflies, Africa, Unsual and endagered animals, native trees, birds, rain, sunshine, insects, bees, pigs, cats, cooking, wine, cheese, chocolate, NZ scenery, water fights, fun and laughter, hugs, smiles, quotes, inspirational women, wild weather, mother nature, technology free days, photography, small things, reading, writing, eccletic art, kiwiana, the roaring 20’s, vintage NZ, classical music, jazz music, singing, NZ produce, movies, cooking reality tv shows, date nights, board games, movie days, fresh air, swimming, helping others, public speaking, blogging, facebook and sharing positivity!
WOW what a wonderful list………………………

I look forward to hearing all about what makes you – YOU 🙂

ps you totally don’t need such a big list. This one took me years to create x