I have been reflecting on what my role is as a Personal trainer, Wellness Coach and Leap Coach.   For the last five years as my role has evolved and with it the title..    It was a great thought to ponder.

What I realised hasn’t changed from day one in my role is that I facilitate change.

I inspire, encourage and empower  people everyday and provide them with tools and skills they can use to make internal and external shifts.  I challenge them – physically and emotionally.  My role is often to introduce uncomfortable conversations to allow those I work with to discover and share their own good news.   It is so rewarding to watch unfolding one step after another,  little by little, until eventually they experience massive growth and big changes have been made to their overall health, wellbeing.   Then like magic the impact and flow starts for those around them, their families, friends, workplaces and wider communities.   It really is so rewarding and amazing to watch.

They stretch, and push their own boundaries – and constantly re-define their comfort levels and as a result they improve on many levels.

However… it still amazes me that even when people work hard and look and feel amazing that giving compliments to themselves or receiving compliments about them is a major challenge.

As you know I don’t push products unless I really believe in them so what I am about to share with you is not about the product its about the content of their latest promotion!  They women in the campaign  represent the women I work with (men might feel the same but I don’t have a video to share for them!)

Congratulations DOVE!   This is wonderful 🙂

So here it is and maybe after watching this today you might start to start some new conversations with yourself and those close to you about whether you are Average or Beautiful.


ps heres the behind the scenes footage!  Its Awesome too! 🙂

Goodness it seems that getting fired up might be a good thing this year!   After a week of hearing myself beating myself up I got to thinking enough is enough.  My mind chatter was joy stealing and my melancholy mood and less than enthusiastic attitude was just exhausting me.

So the first month of the year has ended and when we all got up in this morning there would be trillions (ok maybe I am exaggerating) but there will be heaps of people, probably mostly women,  whom use nearly all their 50 thousand thoughts today negatively beating themselves up because they haven’t done what they set out to do last month, last week or yesterday.

You know those new years resolutions that were set but never started, the missed 31 positive thoughts in a jar to open next year, or the “diet” you are starting on “Monday” or when the kids go back to school, or that exercise that you will do but just at the end of the day when you have completed the never ending list of things or the perfect ideal day you will start on tomorrow!

STOP!! Enough with the the negative mind chatter and gunna do it laters!    and seriously stop we have to stop beating ourselves up and BS and all this pressure.

As the month rolls into a new one and isn’t it opportune that it is Sunday – making tomorrow Monday, and the kids are going back to school so you can actually be organised.   YOU NOW HAVE A CHOICE!  Do something about it or quit the whinging and beating yourself with negative chatter and self destructive thinking.

From where I see it we have the opportunity RIGHT NOW to make a choice!

Do something about it or don’t do something about it.

Here are six ideas to get you going.    And by the way I do this because I care.   I want you to be happy this year because I actually believe that you have something to offer the world and are worth it!  oh and I have totally been there myself and it’s just not fun!

Here we go…..

1.  You can do something about it and start doing something NOW!  It is way easier to make a change if you start!  It doesn’t have to be monumental and announced to the world, it doesn’t have to take loads of time, effort or money.  Just start – what if you used some of the time you are being negative to yourself on STARTING.   Any small action towards what you want to do must be better than worrying about what hasn’t been done.

2.  You can be happy about how you are now.    I know, I know this takes practice but at the end of the day the only body you will live in is the one you have now.    People, including you are missing out on all your best bits while you are unhappy and I’ll let you into a little secret – if you start loving your curves, bumps, bulges, scars, dimples, hair, eyes and everything inside out from your nose to your toes you might be surprised how well you start to look after it!

3.   Listen to the messages your body is giving you and get actioning!  You will be a long time dead and it would be better that you didn’t go earlier than you need to!    Oh and going to bed earlier to get more sleep, talking nicely to yourself in your own thoughts, drinking water and moving a little more actually costs nothing!  Miracles to feeling better available right now at your finger tips!

  1. Take a look around and see what blessing you have got in your life and be fricken happy about what you do have! Focus on the things you have not what you haven’t!  There are people in the world who really do have something to worry about – like will their child be stolen and sold for child prostitution, will a bomb go off when the  go to get the market,  will the rain fall so that we can harvest food for the village,  will there be water at the well when I walk two hours to the new water pump in the next village.      Makes your negative chatter seem a bit first world!  You have access to fabulous shelter, running water, flushing toilets, fresh and nutritious food, a back yard full of opportunities and a body that can move.  DON”T WASTE IT!  
  2. Oh and if what I am writing is making you uncomfortable – then good job then it probably is time for you to take some action to look after you biggest asset and your biggest cheer squad – By the way that’s YOU! And here’s a home truth.   It’s true but if you have had time to read this then you have time to look after yourself!  Get in the photos with your kids and family, look in mirrors, go swimming in togs and practice treating yourself like you do your best friend!   Oh and if you have kids then remember that you are their biggest teacher.  Believe me kids don’t miss a trick!  So don’t let your daughters and sons grow up being unhappy with who they are!
  3. Looking after yourself shouldn’t be a chore. It shouldn’t be the last thing on your list.  It should be part of life.  So start! Just if it’s a couple of minutes a day doing something different can make the world of difference.   Go on DO IT NOW – It may just help you feel better!



So here’s my first rant for 2015. I actually don’t like ranting but with New Years resolution posts still inundating my social media I got a little het up. Post after post, sponsored adverts all laying it on thick “encouraging” women in particular to feel guilty and sinful about what they have done over Xmas. Then I saw a post from a well respected but not registered industryite who ranted about someone stealing her ideas and then “stole” someone’s idea and posted as her own with branding. Then there are the hundreds of what’s bad and what’s good for you posts by all those just out to make more money off you…Grrr.

We are in a time of hyper technological globalisation where finding who you are and what works for you in an age of squillions of ideas is a massive challenge.

Everybody has a unique body so my advice to feeling amazing, full of energy and happy is start taking notice of your best asset – you! It also carries around the most important computer of all – your brain. Listen to the messages you are giving yourself everyday and act accordingly.

Oh and invest in qualified and registered professionals to guide you with this unique discovery process of understanding what makes you tick, instead of trawling the internet, google, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook for quick brainwashing answers.

Professionals know what they are talking about. Oh and if it’s exercise your body is asking for then look for IREPS or REPS registered personal trainers for advice. There’s loads of awesomeness in them around the world and they are switched on and know what they are talking about. And they made it on the global top list of fitness trends for 2015.

Ps rant over ‪#‎dowhatmakesyouhappy‬ ‪#‎listentoyourbody‬

Ps this is a great article with sensible advice

Stuff Hottest Trends for 2015 by Raewyn Ng

Some people look for a beautiful place and others make a place beautiful.

I believe that it is the people that make an experience and can enhance the backdrop of where you are.

The last 48 hours as I wrote earlier have been the most fairytale and wondeful experience. The connections will be for a lifetime because we all shared in made the experience richer and more beautiful. Connecting with my Kiwi competitors has been such a blessing. We are excited about what the future brings. As we bid our farewells I get some last minute hugs and then get to spend some more quality time over breakfast with Kim Ingleby. She is so passionate about our industry and she leaves me inspired to do so much more than I thought I could. She is just so remarkable and the fact we both sit in a hotel in London sharing stories is extraordinary, I with my myriad of health challenges, and Kim shares of how she nearly died after contracting a rare and usually fatal immune deficiency disease Weil’s disease during a triathlon early this year. It is a condition of the brain and causes fatigue and memory loss. I know my own battles and to sit and share with someone else literally at the top of her game is a gift I will treasure forever. It is one of the moments where you forget you have only just met as the connection feels like you are old friends. As we bid each other goodbye, thanks to social media we know it is not really goodbye and have a strong feeling our paths will meet again.

L-R Cate, Kim Ingleby, Jean Scott, Mish McCormack

Here is Kim’s video http://youtu.be/upQvbPV9Clc

Read more on Kim here: www.kimingleby.co.uk/blog


That was the most memorable and amazing day and up with one of the top 10 things I have ever done. I am still pinching myself and a litte in awe of who I was surrounded by, who I was supported by and how I did what I set out to do in my unique style. I may not have taken home the first prize however I have gained so much and totally feel like a winner. The judges feedback was so valuable.

And the top prize went to a most deserving and humble winner, Kim Ingleby is an amazing person and trainer and with 15 years experience and her own unique story. it was an absolute pleasure to spend time with her and the other eight magnificent trainers. It is a life changing day I will never never forget.


Flying is incredible to watch – have you ever stopped to think how magnificent, birds, butterflies, insects and man-made aeroplanes really are? They showcase how doing the impossible, with the odds stacked against them can appear effortless, majestically taking to the air and dancing above the world like they were suppose to be there.
I have flown from my earthquake devastated hometown of Christchurch to St Albans, London. I was nominated and picked from 1500 global entrants in 43 countries to represent and showcase my style of personal training. Today as my watch reads 8:48am, I have a great opporunity to inspire and learn. I am surrounded by the globes greatest personal trainers and in a few minutes I am taking my curves and crutches to the world health, fitness and wellness stage.

Today it is my turn to fly…………………..

Keith Austin is a towering gentle giant. He fills a room or in this case a gym with calm and fun. But don’t be fooled by this jovial persona – he is a wealth and depth of knowledge in the health and fitness industry. He is also one of our seven judges, five whom are present today.

He sure means business and I am very excited that our first masterclass is a practical workshop on the magnificent LifeFitness Synrgy360. Nuffield Health is also an amazing centre. As we are seated for our briefing I catch out of the corner of my eye state of the art equipment, an indoor pool, squash courts and a welcoming cafe and hub of the centre. The energy has lifted and we are surrounded by cameras, onlookers, media and sponsors. Keith tells us to focus on us and why we are here. He says we must think of today as a learning and have fun. Of course at the end of the day someone will take home a title but he says we are all winners and we must remember that we are the top 10 from 1500 entrants nominated fro 43 countries. Again the tears are right there this is a true honour and still unbelievable! No time for them to flow, a quick bite of the bottom lip, look at my pandora and other sentiments and its show time!

The music is turned up, Keith walks me through this amazing equipment to make sure all can be achieved on my crutches. It all gets the big tick. I am so excited 🙂 The other nine join us in the centre for another reminder from our host Nick Merrell from Life Fitness UK and Europe. A quick
three, two, one FUN!!! and we are warming up to the beat of the music.

It was truey an amazing experience, catering for all levels and our quick highlights package reminds me anyone can exercise and can exercise.. I am in the right industry for inspiring wellness and changing lives.

The rest of the morning sees us in an upstairs meeting room, doing three theory based classes before lunch. One is on sharing best practices on four unique clients of the future – I loved it because these were all my typical clients now and I was able to hear from nine other experienced and top of their game trainers. We then met our clients, real clients based at Nuffield, mine is Beverley a 20 year plus member in her early 50’s, only does classes and has never used the Synrgy360 or weights. She has some old injuries from a car accident. We get to chat over lunch and find out what she likes, dislikes, her longterm fitness goals of weightloss and longevity. Our third masterclass is on the clock – we return to the arena and for the first time since we started with Keith I feel the butterflies again…. I have 55 minutes to plan, record and write down a 15minute progessive workout for Beverley. It is what I do, everyday…. but for 30seconds I am star struck, in awe of the equipment and the task. This is being streamed live around the world, the judges are watching our every move and I have a head full of ideas… at least I am not blank. I take my notebook and sit with my eyes closed for a few minutes. Breathing deep into my belly and calming my nerves, just like this morning I repeat the words ” I got here on my own merits, do this for everyone back home, do this for Riwai” Breathing, relaxing and clearing the mind. And eyes open…. I walk around the gear and ask myself – what would you do at home. Do what you know… I see Riwai arrive and I run over to him “Please can you go back to the hotel and grab the hula hoop? I need it to relax me into the session at 2:30” I have said it before but he is an amazing support crew, he doesn’t hesitate and heads off.

I get planning – Warm Up must be fun cardio and include dynamic stretching. The session will include major compound muscle work, flexion and extenstion exercises. Low impact for knees and lower back pain and no shoulder elevation due to old injuries from car accidents. Short Term Mission – to introduce Beverley to the Synrgy360, get her heart rate elevated, sweating and smiling. Long Term Mission to compliment her love of cardio classes with an alternatve resistance training to promote longevity, muscle building and disease prevention.

Thats the technical bit and in reality this Leap2it! Session sounded like this..

We will take you back to childhood with some hulahooping and hopscotch and throw the rubber duck, then we will put out some washing, spin dry it (dynamic stretching) and grapevine and pattercake around the place (cardio) then move to being a super woman (trx and rip) then we will pop in a bit of water skiing (TRX and RIP) lunge around the clock, and plank the alphabet then we will finish off with some bat wing treatment (with TRX for arms) before we have a lie down and give yourself a round of applause and angel wings. (Obie for myofascial release)

15 minutes exactly – planned and ready to go! Submitted to judges – this was so everyone was on the same level and we couldn’t change our plan.

I was number three so I got to watch Kim and Steven first – they were awesome and it really calmed my nerves. Each was so different and our styles were able to be showcased.

Next up is Cate Grace from New Zealand…..

WOW it was amazing.. a blur, a delight, a wonderment – I didn’t notice the cameras, I ran my own race, and it was so much fun.. it was great to see my clients smile and I felt like it was exactly what I was suppose to be doing. I couldn’t have done it any differently and I gave it my all. What a blast and what a memory.

There was no time to even say hello to Riwai, I literally caught my breath and was whisked away for a video interview, I didn’t even do my hair and I could feel beads of sweat and red cheeks…At least I knew it would look real. I am so stoked with the video, it is only a couple of minutes and it captured my essesnce and why I am in this industry perfectly!

Curves and Crutches – I did it – I felt like i was flying and it was JAZZFASTIC!


I thought this would be an easy post to write but I was so overwhelmed with emotion it has been difficult to put into words what it was like. I have started it each morning to put it in writing but then I just sit and smile with a goofy and satisfied look on my face. How do I describe this amazing feeling….. well it’s like the caramel or chocolate oozing from the centre of a warm fondant. I have tingles and that mmmmm warmth and good feeling all over. Weird analogy when I am about to describe being a finalist in a global fitness competition but hopefully you will get a sense warmth and wonderment too. 🙂

I woke up super early – just like Christmas morning and lay out my uniform. My damn left wrist is playing up – today of all days! Luckily we packed my wrist brace and after a lashing of anitflamme it settles. I have a shower going over and over in my head… “I got here on my own merits” Both bakers cysts are up and my wee legs look like overstuffed sausages. It is just all a bit overwhelming… I can feel the tears coming and think of everyone back home and that because of them I am here. Riwai is being amazing and super supportive. The clock ticks over 6.25am. All my little sentiments are with laid out too and as I add one by one, I pause to savour each memory and what each sentiment means – my pretty pear bird earrings that symbolise so much, my watch and pounamu from nan, my pandora charms from my mum, dad and Riwai. My inspire and be the change bracelet and my bridge and circle of support bracelet. As I put my last charm around my neck it reads “be the best version of you”. All are super important and together they symbolise my tremendous journey to this point. I am almost ready – my tshirt reads personal trainers to watch and coincidentally is in my new categrace.com blue. I pop all my medications out of my blister pack, as my head goes briefly to the “wow they really picked me”. The irony of pill popping, crutches and wrist guards is another moment to pause, breath and take it all in. …. Riwai is putting my NZ and kiwi sticker on my crutches, i nip back to the bathroom for a last nervous pee and a double check I have all I need. These curves and crutches are about to take the world stage… More tears are coming but my final bit of strength comes from my soul mates. Riwai leans over with a bear hug and perfect kiss on the forehead. “You’ve got this babe, go do it for our LeapStars, those who have passed. We are already proud of you so what ever happens, just go have fun”.

We meet all the competitors and judges for breakfast. Thanks to social media we feel like we are catching up with old friends, we are all humbled and excited to be a part of this special day. Before we know it we are on the bus and heading down to Nuffield Health.

When we arrive the nerves pop back to say hello – cameras, lights, judges tables, the synrgy360 is magnificent and there behind it are our own named chairs. We are as ready as we can be….


As my amazing LeapAngel says- good golly! I have woken up and am surprisingly nervous.. In a good way. Butterflies on the eve of one of the greatest achievements in my life. We were going to have a lazy day by the pool but I feel like I have ants in my pants and I can’t sit still – we were going to head back into St Albans but I have dragged Riwai to the London light rail and we are heading into London City centre for an impromptu look around…thank goodness he loves me and just goes with the flow. After a quick toilet stop at Tower Bridge Trainstop we grab some water and I have bartered us on a tourist bus tour and river cruise. And what a magnificent plan that was… Four hours later we had seen all we wanted, had time to watch the sunset over the Thames (yes it was even sunny enough in London for the sun to set) and a quick bite at a local pub and we were home by 8:30. Mish (McCormick) another fellow kiwi dropped by for a hug and chat before we both calmed our butterflies enough to get some sleep… It felt like Christmas Eve with so much exciting anticipation ….


“Life is an adventure or it is nothing”
Just over three years ago I woke up in the early hours of the morning to our bed violentley shaking, it was like a giant had picked us slightly off the floor and was shaking us all about. As the sound of shattered glass echoed from the kitchen, I stumbled up and gingerly walked holding onto the walls as one by one everything shook out of the cupboards. I was heading to our big wooden table, that felt like it was a mile away. I made it under the table, calling out for Riwai to join me. There was no time to be under the table, he was on a day shift for our local emergency services and he was switching into work mode.. As the sun rose, we checked on neighbours and phoned loved ones, social media sites went crazy with reports of the near misses and the magnitude hitting the world papers. We had no power and with my elderly nan living in the front of us we decided it to my aunts house, as at least we could have a cuppa. So we grabbed the dog, bundled nan into the car and dropped Riwai off to the inner city police station. for work. It was a very unusual day.

I had no idea that amongst all the destruction and chaos that would follow, Mother Nature had handed me the most extraordinary gifts. The earthquakes reinforced my love for empowering people, reminded me of my deep respect for the power of nature and ignited an inner passion for experience, and with this enjoying every moment and discovering an inner strength and self belief I never knew I had.

At the time of the first quakes I was a Youth Coordinator for one of NZ largest government departments. I was delivering a seminar I had called ICAN – focussing on following dreams and discovering individual talents when a major aftershock hit, as the youth dived for the tables, one of them yelled out “so miss are you following your dream working with us”. The penny dropped, one small line from a stranger, changed my life forever.
I went home that night and made the decision to resign and follow my passion. On September 24th 2010 I became a full time Leap Coach in our business Leap Fitness and Motivation Ltd.

Three years later to the day I am flying out from Christchurch NZ as one of 10 finalists in the LifeFitness Global Personal Trainers Competition in London, UK. I have been nominated by my LeapStars (clients) and from over 1500 entrants spanning 43 countries the seven international judges picked me. My curves and crutches got me into this amazing industry and now I have the opportunity to showcase my uniqueness and wellness beliefs.

Buckle up readers – this is going to be one hellava magnificent adventure.