How delightful to be interviewed today by the lovely Carly Flynn on Saturday Fresh,  Saturday Fresh on Radio Live Saturday 10AM – 2PM

Saturday Fresh
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Here is a link to the interview today with myself and Sandra Kirby, CEO of Arthritis NZ

Living with Arthritis – Radio Live Interview 19.03.2016 with Cate Grace & Arthritis NZ

And seven of my tips for starting to manage your Arthritis for a positive and happy life!

  1. Be Ok with asking for help and get a team around you including medical people, an Arthritis Educator fron Arthritis NZ, friends and family, and support person (especially for appointments).
  2. Book in regular friends and family dates where you and loved ones agree not only focus on your illness
  3. Focus on what your body does well – stop beating yourself up for what it doesn’t
  4. Hang out by yourself doing things you like doing
  5. Give yourself pat on the back for all you did well today
  6. Drink more water; hydration is a great pain killer
  7. Move more – start with a few minutes, build up to exercise snacks and focus on what you can do not what you can’t

Keep practicing on your positive mindset
I believe it is the best the way to cope
for there’s no arthritis cure… yet
but there’s a lot that can be done
many small steps lead to big possibilities
and if you positively embrace life with arthritis you can achieve all that you desire


Smiles for a fabulous day & rest of your weekend

Cate x


So here’s my first rant for 2015. I actually don’t like ranting but with New Years resolution posts still inundating my social media I got a little het up. Post after post, sponsored adverts all laying it on thick “encouraging” women in particular to feel guilty and sinful about what they have done over Xmas. Then I saw a post from a well respected but not registered industryite who ranted about someone stealing her ideas and then “stole” someone’s idea and posted as her own with branding. Then there are the hundreds of what’s bad and what’s good for you posts by all those just out to make more money off you…Grrr.

We are in a time of hyper technological globalisation where finding who you are and what works for you in an age of squillions of ideas is a massive challenge.

Everybody has a unique body so my advice to feeling amazing, full of energy and happy is start taking notice of your best asset – you! It also carries around the most important computer of all – your brain. Listen to the messages you are giving yourself everyday and act accordingly.

Oh and invest in qualified and registered professionals to guide you with this unique discovery process of understanding what makes you tick, instead of trawling the internet, google, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook for quick brainwashing answers.

Professionals know what they are talking about. Oh and if it’s exercise your body is asking for then look for IREPS or REPS registered personal trainers for advice. There’s loads of awesomeness in them around the world and they are switched on and know what they are talking about. And they made it on the global top list of fitness trends for 2015.

Ps rant over ‪#‎dowhatmakesyouhappy‬ ‪#‎listentoyourbody‬

Ps this is a great article with sensible advice

Stuff Hottest Trends for 2015 by Raewyn Ng


Wow! How surreal to stand at Auckland airport flick open a national mag with Josh Emmet on the front cover and find an A4 picture of yourself on page 57…… What a fabulous article by the talented Alexia Saintmaria and so proud to be sharing my story, curves and crutches. I had a dream in 2010 ( when I began Leap) to one day feature in a national magazine to inspire other woman like me to embrace their uniqueness and follow their own dreams. Thank you Next and Alexia for doing that and to Sandy at Your Story Communications for connecting us all together.