This year was the 10th series of the 20 Weeks body and lifestyle competition. What an epic and amazing series it was. It was my seventh series and every year it just keeps getting bigger and better.

This unique competition showcases the individual journey of an entrant in pursuit of a mission they have chosen.

The judges recognise best changes in each category rather than just the best. It allows for anybody with a goal – big or small enter and do well. It allows trainers to offer a holistic style of training that can be tailored to an individuals needs.

Last week we celebrated 49 Leapstars completing in the Catch Fitness 20 Weeks Body and Lifestyle competition. It is my busiest month of the year. The last few weeks August involving testing and report writing, before submitting measurements, fitness tests, inside health check, testimony and photos to nationwide judging panel. Over two weeks they read every entrant across the country and decide the finalists and winners in 17 Categories. Then the entrants night of nights arrives. It is my most favourite night of the year as we see the transformation from the gym to the glamour and glitz they all deserve. We all attend a Black Tie awards function in the Grand Hall of the Chateau Hotel and then we take over a restaurant to celebrate the success of every LeapStar entrant.

There as simply no way we were missing out on the night. I never go in expecting winners or finalists, not because no one deserves one but simply because I believe every single one of my entrants has already won. I love celebrating their success and transformations. I am often asked who my favourite is or who do I expect to be a finalist. When asked I feel like a mother who is being asked to favour one child over another. It is a near impossible task as everyone has such a different set of results, a different set of circumstances that arrived them as a LeapStar, a different reason to share good news and celebrate their individual success. During the 20 weeks I get to see the transformation and bring it together in a judges report . I told the head judges this year, I am sorry if they are not in the correct order or we have submitted more than required, but I write my reports for my LeapStars to showcase their remarkable journey.

Last Monday night arrived into the Grand Hall and it looks exquisite – thank goodness I had waterproof mascara as the team looked amazing, and I kept hearing myself say “I did that, I helped shape that”. It was simply fabulous. I was so overwhelmed that I nearly missed our first finalists being named. What an evening, as were heading to the restaurant it was all surreal – We had seen Leap 18 LeapStars up on the big screen listed in 25 finalist spots We took home seven winners titles. I was totally overwhelmed in a uber proud and excited way. Then when the night seemingly couldn’t get much better it occured to me that this series the judges got us, they got what Leap was about in this milestone 10th series. They could see that we don’t do ordinary and we don’t focus only on weight donation. We focus on being healthier, fitter, stronger and happy from the inside and out. Seeing our entrants being acknowledged for that was the best feeling in the world.

Our finalists list is as follows with our winners underlined;
Adventure – Emma Alldridge
Balance – Anna Wright, Sarah Taylor and Guillermo Ocano
Cardiovasular changes – Rebecca Richards, Sarah Taylor, Dale Watson
Entrants Choice – Josephine Dove, Evan Taylor
Flexibility – Shannon Moore
Lifestyle – Dale Watson, Emma Alldridge
Maintanance – Bernadette Smith
New Mums – Sarah Taylor
Opals (Over 60s) – Cathryn McEwan
Overall Entrant – Lou McLeod, Kerrie de Haan
Strength – Amy Billingsly, Lou McLeod, David McLeod, Dave Race
Top Job (special mention) – Kerrie de Haan, Flora McCormack
Tutuman (Under 16) – Hannah MacDonnell
Upper Body – Evan Taylor

And we had a futher 31 other amazing entrants they also changed their lives and have opened new doors of opportunity. A special meniton to our entrants choice Wendy Davie who was voted by the tribe as an inpiration this series.

Congratulations to all our entrants and their support crews. We know your all all winners in some way in your own lives. And despite all the hard work, ups and downs, good bad and the ugly we will be back in April 2014 to do it all again and we hope you will be joining us 🙂


Many of my LeapStars have been sharing their unique and interesting hobbies and interests. Some of them are searching for a 30 day challenge to complement a 20 Week Challenge they are taking part in. For some of my very busy LeapStars thinking of something to do that resonates with them has been a challenge. Heret is a few ideas that to help you find what makes your heart sing

How I find my interest area in myself there are lot of ways find you interest area? I am going to tell you somethings I tried and have worked for me.
Think of it like research about your self.
•What are the 50 things in life you most enjoy doing? (Don’t stop until you have at least 50 things listed).
• What do people say that you’re naturally good at? That is, what do people tend to give you compliments on without you even expecting it?
• What things do you normally excel in without it seeming to be much effort at all?
• What things, when you do them, you totally lose track of time, and before
you know it, a few hours have gone past without you even realizing it?
• What topics can you talk to someone else about for hours on end without getting tired or bored of it?
• What kind of topics do you like researching or finding out about more,
without being forced to do it?
• What do you think your natural talents are?
• What topic do you think you could write about every day, knowing that there
will be no reward?

These are but a few questions to help you get started. And that’s all you should see them as…a starting point.
Finding out what you’re truly interest about could sometimes take a few weeks, months or even years. What I’ve found so far with myself, is that it’s an ongoing process, and as time goes by, I try to tweak mine further and further into the things that I’m naturally good at and enjoy doing.

It is an evolving work in progress but taking time to work on me has helped me rediscover my love of nature, travel, positivity breakaways, Vitamin P (pets), clean sheet night, citrus based smells, flowers, warm bubble baths, sunrise, sunset, camping, different cultures, quiet meditation, candles and soft lighting, custard, exotic fruits, butterflies, Africa, Unsual and endagered animals, native trees, birds, rain, sunshine, insects, bees, pigs, cats, cooking, wine, cheese, chocolate, NZ scenery, water fights, fun and laughter, hugs, smiles, quotes, inspirational women, wild weather, mother nature, technology free days, photography, small things, reading, writing, eccletic art, kiwiana, the roaring 20’s, vintage NZ, classical music, jazz music, singing, NZ produce, movies, cooking reality tv shows, date nights, board games, movie days, fresh air, swimming, helping others, public speaking, blogging, facebook and sharing positivity!
WOW what a wonderful list………………………

I look forward to hearing all about what makes you – YOU 🙂

ps you totally don’t need such a big list. This one took me years to create x

kind to your body final

Great…. so my first session is done. Another very cool reminder of why I am in this industry.

Not that I am overwhelmed with joy and excitement about it all, in fact I was lucky that during my session more pandora boxes like this morning didn’t fly open and hit the back of my eyes and turn on the waterwork taps! My trainer is technically brilliant and she does really know her stuff, sadly she also knows words like “Broken” “It will take forever” “I have never seen it this bad” “No” “Not Really” “That won’t be a good idea” “No it will take at least a year” “Cate did you know this will take a very long time”

As with every health professional in my life she did think it was remarkable I can even walk, yet alone do the work that I do and keep positive. As I rowed 500m she looked in disbelief and said I really was the master of disguise. I was able to let her know that my body is the only one I have and I don’t know what if feels like not to be “sick”, “unwell” or live “painfree”. I keep positive because I make the most of everything I have, including my “broken body”. I won’t do anything stupid (like enter a iron man or a running event) I have spent years learning my bodies limits, I will work with her to build my body strength…. I won’t sit around waiting for a miracle and I will be patient and do my homework!

Bless her cotton socks she told me a few home truths from an anatomical and biological point of view – no real surprises there. My body is hyperflexible, I do have terrible posture because I compensate and my butt is super lazy. Her role will be to guide me to make my body the best it can be. We agreed that how I treat my body and illness is a little different and unorthodox. Ok – very different and off the spectrum!

The most imporant thing is for me to follow my own principles love life, enjoy exercise, appreciate my alone time and play positively. I can do this!! and I have over 50 LeapStars who will help me too! 🙂 xx


Yay I love Mondays!

But this morning was a little challenging….. Every day I empower and inspire LeapStars to leap off their couches, so why when I was in the shower did a little pang of nervousness come over me. I felt my mind wander into that pandoras box (that I was sure was double padlocked and chained) and could hear whispers of "You are too fat to be a trainer, you are too unhealthy to be a trainer, you don't drink enough water to be a trainer, you can't do a push up, you are far to hyperflexible to be a trainer, who the hell do you think you are trailblazing and helping real people, you can't run, you can't even ride a bike at the moment, broken, sick and over weight"

Arrgggghhhhhhhhh …………………………….STOP!! I yelled back at myself (of course no one heard me it was all inside my head) STOP this NONSENSE AT ONCE!!!!

Then I realised. I had my first PT session this morning and my body and mind chatter had gone back in time. It was back years before at my own sessions with PT's in aussie and nz who didn't understand me, training sessions where I felt inadequate. Then I smiled and remember that all these reasons were the reason I got into this industry in the first place. My calling was to make people feel more comfortable about getting fit and healthy. To take away the feelings of fear and dread, embarrassment and anxiousness.

My chatter this morning was a great remeinder. I thought about how my new LeapStars might feel before they come and see me. I am sure my own session will be different from the past, afterall I know so much more and also know how to make this work for me.


This year I have made my Saturdays my non-negotiables from working. Except for LeapStar event weekends this will allow me to recharge and fit in some of my own exercise. Saturday’s plan was to hit the pool for the first time since nan passed. During her illness, swimming was my escape time. Getting back into the pool was always going to super challenging as many memories came flooding back. It has been such a full on and adreniline pumped week that my body was also a little bit worse for wear and my back was not that interested in the prospect of the pool. I was so nervous I totally grabbed the wrong swim bag and ended up with my tankini and no googles or earplugs! That could have been an excuse, but with 50+ LeapStars all facing their fears I realised it was time to face mine! I am also very very grateful that one of my LeapStars, who happens to be a great friend, posted she was going to be at the pool that afternoon. It was a little earlier than I had planned to go but it was totally easier not to back out if you are meeting someone. I ended up running late, the catalyst for picking today to go back to the pool was that it has also been a roller coaster day of emotions- we had taken out the final bits and bobs from nans. The end of an era and time to begin the new one with as much enthusiasm as she brought into our lives. Thank goodness for W waiting for me at the pool – knowing she was already in the water made it that much easier to shut the door at nans one last time. I managed 20 lengths, the usual niggles, sore back, sore neck, sore knees and itiching from the chlorine, even a few tears that couldn’t be seen for the splashing! Never say I am not determined. After my first few lengths I kept flutterboarding while W strolled down beside me chatting away and made the journey so much easier! Wahoo for support crew I say……. we then hung out at the deep end chatting (hence the cartoon) and then rewarded ourselves with a yummy herbal tea. Demon one conquered, I have returned to the pool. What’s up next? That’s right a date with my PT on Monday – it’s confesson session time.

So I wake up with the birds on Saturday and decided to go and get my bloods done. Fasting wasn’t a problem, a seasoned breakfast skipper has no troubles waiting until the blood centre opened. I have the best veins apparantly, my phlebotomists (the awesome ladies at the hospital blood centre who are to trained to draw blood from a person) are always pleased when I come in as my veins are out and proud just waiting to be pricked. Nice to know there is one part of my anatomy that actually works as it should…. but more about that later. The main challenge is that I am a bit of a pin cushion so we have to continually swap arms. I decided it might be a good idea to my routine bloods done at the same time. Always handy to keep up to date with those due to the regime of drugs I take. To my suprise my phlemotomist comes back and says – “Happy Anniversary”….. No it’s not is my first reply, and then I click…… I have been coming for blood tests every two weeks (ok mostly every month or so) for 10 years. A decade of blood has been taken, for one quarter of my life visiting the hospital. WOW it is definatley time to get this inside health sorted! The 20 Weeks has come at the right time for me, just like it did the first time round 🙂 It’s going to be life changing.


That was amazing…. apart from my resting blood pressure being just a tad high at the end (thanks to my Wellness Cherub and my confession session I got tested too!) We have the most fricken awesome LeapCoach team and our tribe is so eclectic and fantastic. What the feck was I worried about. This series is going to totally rock. WOW! WOW! WOW! Such energy and support in the room and everyone is there for different reasons to get the most out of themselves and make some wicked changes. Super Inspiring.

Tomorrow it is on like donkey kong!

Good night all (one goal is to be lights out by 11pm everynight with at least 30mins down time)

ps no surprises when I did my water calc http://www.healthyhydrationcoach.com/. “Bad Hydration” – no excuses I have a water cooler at work! Starts now – one glass before bed and then tomorrow – one glass for every client at the gym… that should work!

Week 1 Day 1 - 20 Week Challenge

It is Monday 8th of April! Day 1 and I am super excited for all my LeapStars. Lets Get Started – 140 Days to a new life. I am super nervous. Crazy I know but here I am about to walk in front of all my LeapStars and talk to them about sleep, water, fuel, exercise, alonetime and positivity. I love speaking but I realised today that I want to be genuine and I want people to believe in themselves as much as I believe in them. I just realised as that thought jumps into my head that I actually don’t believe what I do works. How stupid is that (not a word i use often) I so totally see the amazing results of my LeapStars and genuinely are proud of them. However….. I guess deep down I feel like a fraud and think it has nothing to do with me because my secret life (well it was until this 30secs) involves some habits that are not so conducive to ‘wellness’. My sleep has been appauling – averaging 2-4 hours a night. I am lucky to eat breakfast everyday and my water intake has been half of what I need with all my medications and health conditions. On a brighter note I do my Daily SuPPs every day, love my meditation, am very grateful and appreciate the world and positivity is pretty damn great! (although a little more switching off from work wouldn’t do me any harm!)

Why do we do this to ourselves! I empower women and their families every day. This weekend I wrote a wellness book and encouraged nearly 30 people through their fitness tests and reminding them how awesome they are! Surely it must set in to my subconsious soon and take hold – it is time to get back on my horse before my speech “I dontated 30kg to a better cause” becomes “So a few years ago I used to be a trainer doing what I loved and know I am back on crutches, unhealthy and getting old before my time” Thanks Universe – I think I just felt that kick up the butt I was looking for….. Right then – Game Face on there are people waiting to listen…. Cx

Be amazed at what you put to the universe!

So the story goes that I wasn’t going to train anyone this year in the amazing Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge. I had been throught six series and this year was about me getting my life balanced and on track and going away overseas for my 40th Birthday. I had decided that as much as I loved it, travelling was my focus for 2013. So……. Tutuman and I were travelling from Sydney to Melbourne on a plane last year after my 39th Birthday Dinner at Tetsuya’s – feeling on top of the world and Tutuman casually says “Lets have 46 clients in the Challenge next year” I replied “Whatever lets have 50, whats 5 more between friends!’ Then we both laughed and said of course we won’t have any, as we would travel instead. Then we casually decided not to advertise. When Nan got ill all my admin went south and I never ended up letting Catch know I was unavailable this year. Here we are on Week 1 of this years challenge and we have 55 signed up! Guess my holiday might be on hold until the end of the year……..
Lesson 1 : Believe in Yourself! You Can Do it!
Lesson 2: Be care full what you put out there into the universe… it may just happen as you state 🙂