I found kindness – and it paid off! 

Since my last post (in June) I moved to a new physio and have been attending physio for two hours a week to strengthen my body in preparation for knee surgery.

We took a while to get into it as the health practioners negotiated the mountain of paperwork to ensure everyone got paid and the allied health contacts could be fulfilled and my square peg needs fitted in the perfectly constructed round holes!

Of course while they worked out that a square peg will never fit the round hole my rehab was slow and mentally draining so there were tears and tantrums which would lead to more delays!

Finally I decided the only person to “fix” this was me.  So I kicked into action and called a few meetings, ruffled a few feathers and expressed more than one opinion!

I still got frustrated when it was boring or too slow but I set my sights on a goal..

I was introduced to DMA clinical pilates  – it differs from traditional pilates in a number of ways.  Developed specifically to aid rehabilitation, the most significant difference between these two types of pilates is that physiotherapists can use DMA clinical pilates to assess as well as treat injuries and pain.  I absolutely love it!  My physio and I are finally able to focus on the job in hand and have the relationship I had been craving since leaving behind an awesome team all because of bureaucracy!

Any who… my balance and core was so deconditioned from my inactivity that it had made me determined!

I didn’t tell my professional team but was focusing on using my DMA sessions to return me to my favourite deadlifts, standing rows and Single Leg Bosu balance.

A month ago the next round of Physiotherapy students arrived at the clinic I attend.  Over my two decades of managing pain, I always embrace students attending my sessions, in the hope that my complexity will allow them some real life experience to go with their awesome theory work.  Students often have a fresh approach and the great ones are never afraid to offer an opinion or suggestion.

My student this time was one of those remarkable life changing people!

Erin added bands, got creative, moved my body a few cms so I activated differently.  We introduced balls, bands and bars!  I was so happy.

This week my awesome and kind physio had been sick and Erin did a remarkable job stepping in.

Yesterday was Erin’s last day in the clinic.  I was so fatigued and felt awful but I wanted to give my secret goals a crack and wish Erin well for her future…

I warmed up and then worked with her to execute my secret goals… deadlifts, standing row and bosu balance!  I had been testing my own clients with Lou all week and was inspired by their stories and journey.  I really wanted to see how I had gone – it was five months since I broke my hand.  I needed to know if my own work had paid off.

Erin and I had a great session, we were both smiling and laughing.. we had great delight in putting the results in my notes for her supervisor and my physio to read on her return!
I smashed it – Three PB’s (since my fall) exactly 365 days ago when I fell in the rabbit hole after the dog ran into me!

I feel super proud that all the kindness and respect that Erin and I showed for each other led me to complete

10RM – 15 kg deadlifts

10RM – 15kg standing rows

15 sec bosu single leg balance

And 20 bosu sitting ball throws!

It felt amazing and I know I am stronger and on the right path to being ready for surgery!

Next stop – rheumatologist to see when is a safe window with my biologicals and medications to have surgery!

Just goes to prove that thinking outside the square, with kindness and creating square holes for the square pegs really can pay off!