As my regular and awesome followers know, I usually write when I am stuck,  and have a crazy and usually sticky situation I am negotiating.   And so is true for this post.  

In September last year I fell over and started a process that would involve 18 new health assessments and an outcome that I need a new knee.  I have been left juggling new “team” members and integrating them into my exisiting team and  current wellness plan.  No mean feat! 

In May this year I fell again, this time a fractured hand had my small steps of progression quickly becoming giant steps of regression,  regular four hour hospital visits also meant another round of assessments a new X-ray team, nurses, plaster teams, specialists, consulatants and specialist Physio’s.    
Then came the OT’s, work assessments, case managers, more specialists, physios, planning meetings, specialist follows ups… all taking time and no doubt a lot of money for the tax payers ….. 

All in all it has been exhausting and it kind of feels like I am in limbo, similar to my own earthquake experiences, as I navigate my way through a relentless pathway swinging from crisis – crisis, while finely balancing my rehab, ongoing health, bureaucracy, wellness, relationships, finance, business and life!  

You see the thing that strikes me the most in all of this, is that in this country we have the most amazing legislation, healthcare, welfare, human rights, business, and disability policies….. however there is one massive issue in accessing the amazing services out there!….

It is so dependant on the human factor… who you get, and if you are among the rare few who actually get access to what everyone is entitled too, the quality of delivery is dependant on what boxes are ticked and/or how someone is interpreting the policies related to the service they are funded to deliver.    Of course those who win these contracts are predominantly businesses, and that means bottom lines can easily come before best fit or best care.. 

Good golly – what a big can of worms I just opened… (can you tell I held my breath!). 

I know I created a business, albeit now I believe it is a probably more of a social enterprise.  That is because our purpose is for people to discover their own good news, with our advocacy and support.  People and their quality of life are our passion  not KPI’s or bottom lines! 

I saw a gapping big hole between policy makers and funders policies and the front line interpretation and delivery of services.   

That was 8 years ago and sadly I have decided I have been living on my own planet thinking that it had changed out there in the real world!!   My world and the team I get to choose is incredible.  They get me and see me as a human, not the parts that are covered by the code next to the paperwork. 

After nearly 10 months of very limited choice, in more than one of our health and welfare systems my heart goes out to those in our systems for the first time or without a base team around them.   

To be frank at times my service delivery experience has been horrific!!!   I am pleased that my parents and grandparents passed on to me my value for fairness and respect.   And a voice to speak out when it’s not working for me.  

Our human rights legislation purpose is to promote and protect the human rights of all people in Aotearoa New Zealand, where diversity is valued and human dignity and rights are respected.    

And you know what… 

When a health service message is being delivered and is technically the same message ..

Delivered with genuiness, ownership an empathic ear and words of encouragement and kindness will install confidence that it you will be ok. 

Whereas the opposite – blaming, excuses, passing the buck,  judgemental words, and negativity can make a same message become a huge deal.  

It’s not that hard people (especially those of your who choose to work and be funded by our government funding and initiatives) 

Be kind and treat others as you would like to be treated.   You might even enjoy your own jobs a little more!!!!  

So all in all my experience has meant I have put on my problem solving hat, found some fighting gloves and kick up the ass boots and am heading into battle . not just for me but for those who might follow into the services I have had to endure. 

Ps oh and thanks!! Seems my dream of not being needed to support others like me to navigate our daunting systems is far far away………. 

Pps It has been cathartic to get words on paper and just as I told a few clients this week it really is ok to have a good old cry and de-stress.  It got rid of my old murky and stale “waters” to make room for some new and refreshing energy building this weekend