Love your mum every day 

This week I have been privileged to hear from many women about their thoughts on Mothers Day. It reminded me of this post I shared last year. My mum has been quite unwell lately and given a new diagnosis that we are all getting our heads around. It was a great reminder to love our mums! I took her out for lunch today after I finished work. It was an interesting day as for the last five years I have been at St Clair – that is on next year! I managed to hang out with my fur babies and it was such a picture perfect day in Christchurch that I spent time with the sun in my face, admiring what is all around me and being grateful for what I do have in my life. I am blessed to say that is an abundance… and as the sun goes down on another mothers day, I toast to all women, and thank you all around the world for everything you contribute to this planet, with a big special hug for our amazing mums! xx