Rouge rascal and another trip to ED

Yay! Home sweet home. What an scary 36 hours!  Yesterday I had a funny and unusual turn that replicated some stroke like symptoms, fumbling, vaugness, slow speech, numbness and loss of function down left side. I thought I was exhausted from a big weekend so kept working.   When I couldn’t remember who I had seen or what I had done I ended up calling my GP.  Very scary for me and Riwai.  We spent and hour with the GP and then were rushed up to ED for more tests.  After a very long day was admitted at 11pm for more tests.  All tests today were clear for any nasties. Today as the day went on I developed sensitivity to noise and light and had nausea. As my symptoms changed, others disappeared. This was a great sign as my team decided that what I had yesterday was a rouge or silent migraine, meaning a migraine with no headache. 

 Super fascinating, and relieved! Back to my GP on Friday to add a new oddity to my list of bits and bobs.  So interested to learn more about this condition, how to minimise them, what causes them and what the future looks like.  

 Thank you everyone for being amazing.  The amount of people who were part of my care today was incredible and as usual Riwai and I are truely grateful.  

It has been a great relief for us both to be so supported today. 

It is lovely to be home and ready to for the sleeping phase!   Let’s hope a day of rest and back to normality is on the cards 😊

 Ps also very pleased my words are back.. Most of the tears today were fear of the unknown and fear of losing how to articulate x