How ever you feel is the right way

Tonight is the eve of the 5th anniversary of our hometowns biggest disaster. In 2011 our lives changed forever. It is a strange feeling as for me there has been an incredible amount of sadness and frustration but this has been balanced with opportunity and clarity for what is important to me. This weekend we celebrated what is wonderful in our life and about our home city. We know tomorrow will be full of emotion. Five years on and we will all deal with this day in different ways. It is not for anyone to judge on what is right or wrong, it is deeply personal. For 185 families they will mourn with a nation the loss of a loved one, for many others the injuries they sustained and manage are a constant reminder of that dark day. For others life will never be the same, for others it will always be different, for some this is balanced with an new opportunities. Love those close to you, be ok with how you are, be ok with how others are. Remember to be kind to everyone and let everyone be as they need to be tomorrow. Riwai and I we send our love, smiles and hugs to everyone xx