It’s going to be ok

Many times in your life you are going to be challenged on your thoughts, beliefs, dreams and place in the world.

Joy thieves, tall poppy cutters, dream stealers, camper, pullers and non believers will attempt to knock you off your perch.

The trick to mastering the punches and avoid a knockout is to not listen to anyone who tries to ambush, copy, steal or belittle your dreams, because when it boils down to it;

Your dreams and goals are far bigger than what they could ever dream, and it scares them.

They are not you and can never replicate you or your uniqueness.

Since I became a full time business woman in 2010 I am still yet to meet a successful, self made person who never endured challenges, pain, mistakes or adversity of some description on their journey to success.

The truth is that in at least 99% of those I have met all faced enormous challenges. But they have taken the lessons learnt facing these things and used it wisely to pave the opportunities for further success.

I have come to the conclusion it is how you conduct yourself under pressure that really defines you.

It is attitude that makes or breaks you as a person after events that really test your values, integrity and success.

It is realising that you CAN pick yourself up and dust yourself off after the bad days, the tough days, the days you want to quit.

Believe in yourself.

Back yourself.

Immerse yourself with only those that inspire and encourage you, not hold you down in their negativity, bullying or blaming mentality.

Follow your own dreams, hold on to the passion and reasons you started in the first place.

Work hard and put the hard yards in day and night, for as long as it takes, and you will get there.

And along the path, celebrate the milestones, love those near to you and live, enjoy, appreciate and participate in the abundance your dreams and goals offer.

And so my friends – it’s going to be ok and tomorrow the sun will come up and we can start again.

Smiles and Hugs x

Photo credit Motivating Giraffe