I found a magic quick fix from a complete stranger…….

It only took six years but seriously I have discovered a magic, quick fix cure for you, and it is assured to solve all your woes.  Throw away all the advice you have ever been told… Living, Water, Nourishing, Exercise, Appreciating, Positivity is all such old news!

It appears from heaps of strangers lately that I have been completely wrong in all my teachings and actually what I need and all my loyal followers and LeapStars need is what these random strangers are offering me!

Oh and it doesn’t cost much, won’t take long and ít will change your life..

And guess what their products are gluten free, dairy free and the only wholefood you will need….. Too good to be true.   THATS EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT…..

What has been happening out there and why do complete strangers think that I would want to push their rip offs products and quick fixes!   You see in the past few months I have been inundated with requests from people to try their latest whole food solution.  Repeated messages from around the world inviting me that I must jump on board and sell sell sell to all my clients their wonderful product.   It’s all over social media so it must work!    Hold the phone I smell a rat!  A big stinking this is not what it says rat!

There’s a hole in my bucket dear henry, a hole! I used to love this song when growing up and today I was humming along to the tune as I typed this blog post as there appears to be a hole in my whole food bucket dear industry a big hole!

Check out these emails first..

Hey Cate,  I have been following you for sometime and totally think you are unwell because of a trauma that happened in your childhood.  I have the solution for less that a cup of coffee a day.  When can I call you to cure you. 

Hi Cate – I got this new business opportunity and I have launched into it with a few friends. I want you in this when can we chat via phone/skype I can run you through it Let me know and we will take good care of you

Hey there Just saw your post – have you thought about using a worldwide great product – if you want info private message me I can talk to you about it to help you achieve your goal of healthy living

Hi there,
I’m running a really cool health event in Christchurch and wondered if you would be interested in coming along. I work for a wholefood company and we inspire many people to better health so thought this might be of interest to you? I can see you’re passionate about health.

Of course I am always looking for ways to enhance my practice for clients and I was intrigued so I googled their websites – There were four different products but all claiming pretty much the same thing….

Now before we go on I also want to share my own opinion on whole food – In all my studies and research my understanding of wholefood leads me to the conclusion that whole food is consuming food that still looks as it did growing in nature, or very close to it. Basically, food that has not been messed with, or only minimally messed with. This is because everything (all the nutrients and fibre) in that whole fruit, vegetable, grain, legume (beans, peas, lentils), nut or seed has already been perfectly arranged through nature and is ready for human consumption.  The human body runs most efficiently on food that is in its natural form, or very close to it.

So when I google one of the companies I have had more than one email from I am excited to find the following………..

 “We are all about eating whole food and making sure it tastes great.  Think lots of fresh produce, nutritious smoothies and clean treats – all gluten free”

Awesome I think to myself – finally a promotion that believes in eating real food…. Nek Minute and rolling to the bottom of the page….

**** Detox ********
$6.10 PER DAY*
60 Smoothie Sachets in Vanilla & Chocolate
Whole-food Fruit & Vegetable Capsules
Plus Whole-food Berry Capsules
Access to private support group
Perfect for those who are exercising (to help recovery) or need that boost of antioxidants for cardiovascular health, skin health.

Discovering that this whole food program is full of sachets and capsules took me by suprise!  Worse however was that they are even suggesting the capsules are whole food…. hmmm how on earth do they cram whole vegetables, fruit and berrys into a synthetic manufactured capsule and then popped in a bottle is beyond me….. bear in mind this is completely my own opinion….but what a load of codswallop and bullshite!

So folks this week I just wanted to share that before we jump into the latest fad because someone is good at selling to our pain, weakness or fears then make sure it is a choice that you are completely happy with…. Oh and also as I said to one of my LeapStars this week make sure the regime you are going to embark on could be given to your children…. If not maybe you might reconsider why you wouldn’t give it to your children?

And remember that this entire post is based purely on my opinions and written purely as a thought provoker for anyone considering their options so they are armed with the tools to ask the right questions.

Then you will be better informed to work out the best way forward for yourself.

ps also this is a great video for those considering any detox and the next one is great for anyone considering gluten free.

pps thoughts and comments always welcome

ppps there were no whole foods altered during the writing of this blog

source The Checkout TV