Thank you Mr Ford.  Hoon Hay Primary 1984! 

I am blessed to have had my fair share of media coverage. Today however will go down as one of those very special moments in life. The story to those who know me is familiar, for others, many whom are strangers it showcases who I am, what I stand for and captured my essence beautifully.  Thank you to Tao Lin for her interview and for your research, and to all the other wonderful journalists who have    Interviewed me before and made Tao Lin’s piece all the more perfect.  

And a special thanks to John Kirk-Anderson who captured me in just that one still shot! As one close friend said.. Look Cate you really are flying.     

All this said,  today has been a private day and beautiful day of personal reflection.   Reminiscing of who I am and what I have achieved,  how mum reminded me that as a  young 11 year old at Hoon Hay primary  my teacher Mr Ford told me and then her and dad at parent teacher interviews  “Katy displays great leadership qualities”  

Then mum pulled out an article from a  local paper dated 1990 and reminded me that at 17 I was influencing my peers against drinking and driving …   as a SADD advocate,  then we laughed as I remember borrowing dads car to go to work in lyttelton in 1991 to mentor youth and children as a Y2Y peer educator on the dangers of drug use and helped them come up with crisis plans at home if their parents we drug taking.    I guess in hind sight I was always empowering others! 

We sat around and remembered that my life before distracting the health and fitness industry I had a heavy focus on doing what was right for those without a voice.     As my nan put it “My dear you are a good bridge, helping others get from one side to the other of a sticky situation before waving them on their way” 

Today the article took me on a delightful trip down memory lane,  through schools, countries and jobs,  I saw faces of those who had smiled at me and heard voices of those who believed in me at pivotol times in my life. 

I was reminded that my whole life I have not only had people to believe in me but I also believed in other people.  

And my journey continues to unfold every day.

I am so grateful that along my way when someone believed in me I used that belief to unlock another positive part of my own self belief.    

Today at age 41 I read the article, saw the pictures and felt for the first time ever after going to print absolute calm and elation.   Calm because I truely believed I am everything the article said and Elation because I get to do what love every day, surrounded by people who I love.  

That means I can believe in more people so they too can unlock the essence of who they are! 

So my wonderful followers, family and friends today I challenge you to share with someone something you are proud of achieving yourself.  

And then I challenge you to share with someone else a quality you see in them…

Because in 1984 Mr Ford did that for me, I held on to his empowering words for over 31 years and today I was called and believe I am an  inspirational business leader, who offers accessible activity!  

So you just never know how much your statement to another may just empower and inspire someone to embrace their own inner belief system 🙂 



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