St Clair – Sunshine and Smiles

Four years ago Riwai and his training buddy Racy decided to head to St Clair to run their first half marathon.   We took two of our clients Wendy and Lisa with us.  We had one house and it was a fabulous weekend.  It was my first solo event to organise…. Little did I know what a tradition it would begin.

 May 2011

This year we arrived to pick up 40 entries and arranged accommodation for 45 LeapStars and supporters.  It was a spectacular day!    It reminded me why I do what I do.   And how awesome it is to do it with my awesome partner in crime, @tutumannz,  friends and our LeapStar tribe.

   May 2015

On my own 20 week list is to discover recipes and so with the help of a few friends we whipped up a LeapFeast of healthy and delish treats for Sat dinner. 

It was such a great weekend and night and although exhausted it was all from having fun, empowering, encouraging, organising and sharing!  A perfect weekend. Cx