Love your mum every day 

There are not many things certain in the world, but one thing I know for sure is that when we were born we all had a mum.  

This day if the year is one of those unusual ones for me.   I am blessed to have my mum still around and she is forever a strong and amazing lady in my life – thank you mum.   I am super thankful that we don’t need to be overwhelmed by the commercial side of this day for you know we love you.  I love popping in and sharing a hug, cuppa and stealing a biscuit from the pantry or a spoonful of what ever you are cooking on the stove.  Thank you for being you and loving me. 


I also love to send big massive hugs and thank you to all the mums, step mums and surrogate mums who enrich our lives and encourage and love us unconditionally.  

I send more of that same love and hugs to all those who don’t have their mums with them today.    The constant advertising and lead up to Mothers Day I am sure would make the last two weeks and challenge.   

I know this because although I have my mum,  I will never be a mum.   It is one of those strange times of the year,  where I am torn about celebrating my own mum and grieving for what I am not.  

Part of my coping and strength comes from organising a weekend away for LeapStars to complete the beautiful St Clair Vineyard Half.   We stay in Picton and the lead up and weekend is taken up filling my bucket up with the energy of our awesome crew and tribe.   That makes it easier to avoid the Mothers Day hype.

So as the bird chorus sings and sun rises I send hugs and much love to those friends and family around the world who for whatever reason can not ever be a mum and  For all of us, it is a nice thought to know tomorrow the cards, advertising and constant reminders of what we may not have will be taken of the air and off our shelves for another year