Everyone needs an angel! 

Today was my first recovery day from my infusion yesterday,   Lou, my right hand woman arrived at 8:30 and we started our day with tea and a catch up.   We wrote lists and our daily run sheets… It was sinking in … This is our new life!  Today was a work day. 

Back up calls had been made for cleaning and gardeners and at 10:30 like magic the Calvary arrived complete with hugs!  Anne in the garden and Emma despite being injured cleaning the powder room from top to toe.

All organsised by Lou.   

It was such a relief.    

Just in the nick of time as all day our suppliers started appearing at the gate.   Deliveries, couriers, congratulations flowers,  equipment, mirror installers, electricians,  banners, neighbours popping by,  our first art exhibition arrived and then the artist herself come to set it up.

It took me back to our first winter Post earthquakes.   The amazing Cilla Hegarty along with Melissa Haberfield arranged a lunch at Elevate.   It was a small and encouraging group of local Buisness women who were optimistic about the future of Christchurch.  

Two of my business heroes joined us for lunch.  That day they helped me shape the future of our business.  Justine Troy and Geoff Ross sat and casually shared great business practice as well as their personal journey.   Geoff said it was important to get the right staff and support crew who get you, who have a vested interest in what you are doing and most importantly believe in what you are about.   

I witnessed that today in spade loads with Lou.  I witnessed that together we were creating history.   Just before Lou left for the day  the water cooler arrived.  I saw out of the corner of my Lou, my right hand woman, leap angel extraordinaire.   

When Lou greeted Lynne she was smiling from ear to ear.   Lou had arranged our water – hydration is such and important part of our philosophy. Lou chatted away with ease to our rep.  It was a magic sight.   I cried for the third day in a row.   This time it was happy tears.   This time it was because I could see how blessed we were to  have created a space that was us.  A culture where we have staff and contractors who get my sometimes ridiculous vision and timelines.   It made me smile from ear to ear as we witnessed our true Angel.

Lou gets our vision, has created the culture with us and most importantly allows me and Riwai be the best we can be!   Just as Justine & Geoff predicted in 2011,  get this crucial part of our business right and your will go far.

Well Our LeapAngel, Friend and Right Hand woman!   We have our wings – it’s time to fly 🙂 

And we know flying allows us all to be happy 🙂