Dear Owners of Fabric House.  It’s not a loading zone…. 

Good one Fabric House!  Your owner  has exceptional skills in tact and decorum!  Thank you for escorting me out of your retail shop.  “You need to leave now and waving your scissors in my face!”

Note to self remind me to tell all my friends to race and buy fabric from you – NOT!  The sad thing is you have wonderful  staff who on the whole have been pleasant and understanding since you moved in.

Shame you decided I was in the wrong yesterday for parking in a park clearly marked as one for those with a mobility pass.

So the story goes… A staff member from Fabric House, came into my work at 8am.  Because I was working she decided it was appropriate to leave a message with my next client – “could you get her to move her car as we have a delivery this morning”.    I checked the car park,  my pass was visible and I was in a park marked for disability so I ignored the request and kept working.    After my morning set I headed to my car,  in the shop were three ladies and a young man.  There was fabric everywhere and an English lady (I think she was by her accent) gave me one of those judging looks, and spoke to her staff.  I thought I heard her say “she’s not in a wheelchair”.

So I went in, blood boiling and asked of she would like my disability too and that not all pass holders need wheelchairs.

She immediately went on the defense and her and the staff who asked me to move my car did too.

“That’s not what I said”

“There are heaps of parks why couldn’t you move”

“We only have big deliveries twice a year”

“You heard wrong or are you deaf too and can lip read”

“My friend has Rheumatoid Arthritis so we know what is like”

“It wouldn’t have been that hard to move your car”

“There were more than 20 parks available out there this morning why didn’t you just move for us”

Of course I bit back.

Because it’s a park for people with mobility passes.

I asked if they were ok for me to move my car and their delivery truck was parked there if it’s ok for the next person with a mobility pass to have to miss out.

She waved her scissors at me and told me to get out of her store.  Get out! get out!  Waving her black scizzors at me her right hand she ushered me towards the door.

How embarrassing for her – and all this in front of three other staff.

Could I have moved my car.   YES

Should I have moved my car.  NO

Dear owner of Fabric House – It’s no a loading zone!

I got in the car and cried.   They were  so overwhelmingly mean and unreasonable and made me feel I had to defend my disease and disability.   Shame on you Fabric House,     when it’s a good day and I am not on crutches, I am allowed to be happy about my progress and shouldn’t have to defend myself.

These women did however allow be to take five minutes our of my busy day to reflect some more on my 140 Colombo journey.

Today I parked  at 6:30am on my last day working at 140 Colombo Street.    just as I have for four years through, earthquakes, snow, ice, power outages, demolition, carpark resurfacing, floods, road works and high nor west winds,  traffic accidents, road closures, pregnant women tripping and getting injured, heads split from that yellow lane divider – it’s been an exciting place to park! Some days I have been on my zimmer frame and crutches to no crutches and some days one crutch.  The park I use is outside what had been a book shop, organic shop and for a while housed the little wooden toy man when he lost his premises after the earthquakes.  The gorgeous Adele moved her premises home and it was exciting to see her and her Hubbie Andrew return to 140.    I have seen the cupcake shop change hands,  the gorgeous Mohair Store keep it’s doors open through some tough times.  The Sushi girls working long long days ,  The Movement  Pilates girls opening in the dark and going home, whole carcasses delivered at dawn for Mark the butcher, friendly waves out to mark , Karyn South,  Beckenham Beauty and Whole body and the Hairdressers.   I have seen owners and staff of coffee culture come and go, and used their amazing service and premises as my choffice!  Many goal setting sessions were had there!     It has been a great place to work.   I have parked my car with my permanent disability pass.  No matter how I was feeling this small act allowed me to do what I do for others.

So once again Owner of Fabric House. What ever you think of me, my car parking ability or my disability..

The park outside your shop front, that door that you chose when you took the lease on has alway been a park for mobility passes.  It is an awesome viewing point for the comings and goings of 140 Colombo street but It has never in my four years been a loading zone!