It is recommended to assembly with two people..

Oh good golly miss Molly! This project has involved over 50 trades, professionals and helpers… I can not thank each one enough as each part of their puzzle was so important to us finishing.

And then I realised – my fun had only just begun! The conversion project is complete…. But the fitout is only about to begin..


After a cheeky bottle of St Clair last night getting up felt like we had drunk a dozen bottles! So much adrenaline the bubbles literally went to my head. I was suppose to work out the floor plan so the mirror installer and the equipment installer could also know where everything was being placed next week.

Meanwhile we also had three boxes of kit set to do.. Surely that won’t take long ….

Thank goodness it rained . We ended up (lucky for our marriage!) with two extra pairs of helping hands. So we had four of us and with a grand total equivalent of 37 man hours – 10hrs later and we did it!

Boom! – One garden shed, one landscaped garden, two major pieces of gym equipment not only assembled but now placed and functional! Oh and no one got divorced! There was no way we could have done it without help.

It is so Surreal that after five years we are just a few nights sleep away from our dream.

Ps Do you ever wonder who does the strange jobs of the world … Like who actually writes instruction manuals for Kitsets? I very much doubt they did a dummy run though with their spouse before the document was published….