Why do we listen to the Loudest Ducks! 

That was my burning question all day. 

I have an exciting and important list of cool stuff to do so that my dream is amazing and ready to open next week.  Choices got me to this spot.   Owning those choices keeps me happy and in track with where I am heading in life.  

But instead of doing the important list  I spent the day jumping around and reacting to loudest ducks.   I am puzzled why society at large do this.  Why do we constantly still react and appease the loudest ducks.   The complainers, those that jump up and down,  those that need an answer immediately but seem to have left their manners, pleases and thank your and common sense all on some remote island sipping mojitos! .      It is annoying for me on so many levels, apart from the obvious distraction this causes, today I find my self getting into a mind chatter of judgement mainly when I am are witnessing a loud duck squark as a bystander, but it sees it’s still there when a different duck is directing their squark at me. I am not sure what lesson these loudest ducks are teaching me, maybe I used to be one and witnessing my old behaviours isn’t comfortable, or maybe it’s because deep down I would like to jump up and down and have a temper tantrum so I could get out of the queue and on to doing better things with my day…. Or maybe there is no lesson except to NOT behave like a loud duck, goose who got the gander, a headless chicken or any other bird like metaphor for bad behaviour!