Toot toot …The memory train is now boarding!

The roller coaster of the last 24hrs left me on a beautiful train heading down memory lane.

In my mind I was on an old steam train, with beautiful leather seats that flipped both ways, my day dream was full of women in bustle dresses and men in dapper suits chattering away as they boarded the train.  They were all carrying exquisite old leather suitcases and wearing shiny patent shoes.    I have no idea where it all came from, I am getting older but I certainly am not of that majestic era.   I wandered to my seat in this imaginary train and we slowly pulled out of the station, and just like an old Charlie Chaplin movie I passed my through my life so far, I could hear the noise of the projector whizzing and Julie Garland singing    I could feel my breathing slowing and my body relaxing and I was smiling.

It got me thinking just why we don’t take time out to sit and let our imaginations run wild, and even as we learn how powerful our minds are and that we can unlock a world full of wonderment and delightfulness, we somehow seem to overshadow all the magic with dreary, negative thoughts and become stressed about such trival things.

Today may you find some time to sit a while and rediscover some happy memories make you smile.

Cate x