I need a bunch of piñatas!

Well they call it hump day for a reason! Today felt like a massive big hump under carpet that I kept tripping on all day.    Thank goodness for my LeapStars!    Each session gave me an energy boost for the next.  

 In between sets it’s safe to say life was just complete chaos!   My husband bless him really didn’t get me today,  the stress of the behind the scenes of pulling it together was like watching a deck of cards fall over in the wind after hours of balancing to build a card tower.   Exhaustion was an understatement and just as my amazing backbone (Lou the extraordinary leapangel) was about to walk out the door mid afternoon,  I was in a heap on the bed and in tears. 

Riwai wasn’t sure what to do.

All day had been filled with bizzare emails, phone calls, text and Facebook messages, all with some ridiculous mosquito type problem I am sure to see how far I could be pushed..  Even the poor mailman was the bearer of bad news with more argee bargee ahead as we will have to query another tradesman account – it would appear that some charges may be a little stretched from the truth and perhaps praying on our generosity!  

This morning also consisted of a speeding driver overtaking on a surburban road and nearly taking us and an oncoming car out,  a big green bus pulling out right in front of me, and then the mobility user parks at work were both being used as a courier parks… And so it went on. 

I had also been up since 5am – partly because of my husbands and dog’s out of sync snoring but mostly because today was set to be a massive emotional day.   

It was one of those defining moments days where you will remember everything about the day and lock it in for safe keeping for the future.  

Today we finally signed off our EQC repairs.   It was the final chapter of 35 years of memories for me.   Our wee place looks great and luckily didn’t feel like home,  but it was nans house that took me by suprise – signing of ours was the last bit of the puzzle.  We stood in the driveway by her garden that was still full of all her flowers and roses.  As I stood in the drive I could remember her passing so vividly, the red roses were out today like they were two years ago,  I could hear her voice and smell her, I could vividly remember her last months and then from nowhere were floods of memories as a child, teenager and newly wed living there before I ventured overseas.  My head was full of family memories from a little child to now.    It was warm and sunny just like so many days when I saw her on her green chair in the garden or when we played as kids.  I missed her terribly today.  

The signnoff wasn’t a momentus occasion.   There were handshakes and a thoughtful word or two about how it all turned out for the best.  Of course I politely shook all the contractors hands while wishing I had a piñata to beat the crap out of!  In reality it had been four and a half years of hard slog, weekly phone calls, follow up and fighting and it was complete! Finalised  with a quick signature.   I am sure we would have all like a crack at a piñata! 

Meanwhile just a few kms away the carpet man had arrived to fit the last piece of the puzzle and finish the studio fitout  and our new painter came back (bless him) to touch up the last of the inside. 

It really was one of those memorable days.  4.3.15

… I got home kicked of my shoes, took out my obie and lay on the floor, turned on our new sound system and cried.   Big big crocodile tears,  of grief, relief, exhaustion and happiness. 

We had done it! And tomorrow is a new day