It’s going to be an epic month! 

In February 2010, I discovered a gap in the health and fitness market.  With my curvy frame,  crutches and a myriad of health conditions I knew exercise was important for overall wellness, however the traditional gym environment was not suitable for me.  

Five years on despite 12000 earthquakes, a few snow storms, multiple hospital visits,  losing loved ones and our Eqc dramas,  we have managed to complete over 7000 sessions for nearly 300 LeapStars.  We have worked from Stourbridge, Moorhouse, Lichfield, Ferry, Wilsons, Main South Road, Operation Suburbs from Rolleston to Halswell to Templeton to Swannanoa to Rangiora… And finally to Colombo for the last few years.    It has been a mammoth ride but the gap and dream I had in 2009 has still not been realised.. But now we are finally ready!  I feel like I am graduating from a five year degree.   I have observed, learnt, trialled, adapted, adopted a range of skills and experience from all the professionals I have worked by and all the clients I have trained!   I have my own unique style that works for me and I love what I do! .. I am ready to fly solo! 

We have been working behind the scenes with over 50 tradies and helpers and in two weekends our very own private wellness studio will open. 

It has been one hellava ride and there have been many tears, heated discussions, tantrums, last minute changes and high jinx!   Would I change anything.. Absolutely not!  I got this fab gem from a friend and I made it my mantra 🙂 

I have my chin up because we are doing it!  We have transformed a mechanics garage into my dream and before the doors open it has already  been rewarding, satisfying, awe inspiring and AMAZING.. 

So wonderful followers, friends and LeapStars my apologies if for the next 30 days your get spammed with my update blogs.. I hope you hang in there with me and ride the waves.  I want to document this epic month in our journey so that we can look back at Easter and sit with a champagne and go… WOW 🙂