I have so much to say..

My head is currently full of thousands of random things that I am know all fit together and make sense,  I have 100 or more things to blog about and loads of cool things to link.   The one thing I constantly run out of is time.  Every day the same.    It’s a cool feeling that we (my scrummy and amazing husband & I) are being so productive and learning new things that blogging keeps falling off the list.. However quite a few people have been keen for an update – so the short version is.  Life is still a roller coaster,  we are keeping afloat and smiling and laughing a lot.   There has been more hospital visits but it isn’t dampening our spirits.  And…  as of today I can officially say I will be working out of my own studio THIS MONTH!  Now that is finally exciting.  More posts to come (promise 😉 until the next one check out my random thoughts on instagram.. It seems to be working for me more than blogging.. Lol! Think I have too much to say and end up saying nothing :).  

Happy autumn down under and happy  spring northern hemisphere peeps! 

Ps I think the dress is gold and blue.. So there!  I am sure there are many theories on that weird combination 😉