A word or three on starting

Goodness it seems that getting fired up might be a good thing this year!   After a week of hearing myself beating myself up I got to thinking enough is enough.  My mind chatter was joy stealing and my melancholy mood and less than enthusiastic attitude was just exhausting me.

So the first month of the year has ended and when we all got up in this morning there would be trillions (ok maybe I am exaggerating) but there will be heaps of people, probably mostly women,  whom use nearly all their 50 thousand thoughts today negatively beating themselves up because they haven’t done what they set out to do last month, last week or yesterday.

You know those new years resolutions that were set but never started, the missed 31 positive thoughts in a jar to open next year, or the “diet” you are starting on “Monday” or when the kids go back to school, or that exercise that you will do but just at the end of the day when you have completed the never ending list of things or the perfect ideal day you will start on tomorrow!

STOP!! Enough with the the negative mind chatter and gunna do it laters!    and seriously stop we have to stop beating ourselves up and BS and all this pressure.

As the month rolls into a new one and isn’t it opportune that it is Sunday – making tomorrow Monday, and the kids are going back to school so you can actually be organised.   YOU NOW HAVE A CHOICE!  Do something about it or quit the whinging and beating yourself with negative chatter and self destructive thinking.

From where I see it we have the opportunity RIGHT NOW to make a choice!

Do something about it or don’t do something about it.

Here are six ideas to get you going.    And by the way I do this because I care.   I want you to be happy this year because I actually believe that you have something to offer the world and are worth it!  oh and I have totally been there myself and it’s just not fun!

Here we go…..

1.  You can do something about it and start doing something NOW!  It is way easier to make a change if you start!  It doesn’t have to be monumental and announced to the world, it doesn’t have to take loads of time, effort or money.  Just start – what if you used some of the time you are being negative to yourself on STARTING.   Any small action towards what you want to do must be better than worrying about what hasn’t been done.

2.  You can be happy about how you are now.    I know, I know this takes practice but at the end of the day the only body you will live in is the one you have now.    People, including you are missing out on all your best bits while you are unhappy and I’ll let you into a little secret – if you start loving your curves, bumps, bulges, scars, dimples, hair, eyes and everything inside out from your nose to your toes you might be surprised how well you start to look after it!

3.   Listen to the messages your body is giving you and get actioning!  You will be a long time dead and it would be better that you didn’t go earlier than you need to!    Oh and going to bed earlier to get more sleep, talking nicely to yourself in your own thoughts, drinking water and moving a little more actually costs nothing!  Miracles to feeling better available right now at your finger tips!

  1. Take a look around and see what blessing you have got in your life and be fricken happy about what you do have! Focus on the things you have not what you haven’t!  There are people in the world who really do have something to worry about – like will their child be stolen and sold for child prostitution, will a bomb go off when the  go to get the market,  will the rain fall so that we can harvest food for the village,  will there be water at the well when I walk two hours to the new water pump in the next village.      Makes your negative chatter seem a bit first world!  You have access to fabulous shelter, running water, flushing toilets, fresh and nutritious food, a back yard full of opportunities and a body that can move.  DON”T WASTE IT!  
  2. Oh and if what I am writing is making you uncomfortable – then good job then it probably is time for you to take some action to look after you biggest asset and your biggest cheer squad – By the way that’s YOU! And here’s a home truth.   It’s true but if you have had time to read this then you have time to look after yourself!  Get in the photos with your kids and family, look in mirrors, go swimming in togs and practice treating yourself like you do your best friend!   Oh and if you have kids then remember that you are their biggest teacher.  Believe me kids don’t miss a trick!  So don’t let your daughters and sons grow up being unhappy with who they are!
  3. Looking after yourself shouldn’t be a chore. It shouldn’t be the last thing on your list.  It should be part of life.  So start! Just if it’s a couple of minutes a day doing something different can make the world of difference.   Go on DO IT NOW – It may just help you feel better!