Love your body!

Last week I was doing to myself what I do to my gorgeous LeapStars every week!  I was boundary pushing.   It was nerve racking and exhilarating all at the same time.   Although I felt totally exposed then and again tonight when the pictures were shared on social media, I still felt another moment of calm.    If I can inspire one woman to love her body a little more or buy something to celebrate how gorgeous she is then it is totally worth it!  Thank you to everyone who has already given me such wonderful feedback.  It was totally worth it!


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One of my LeapStars shared this quote that sums up my experience. “Developing self-worth and self-confidence is really a bigger deal than many people realise. It’s for you, but its for everyone else too. It means you lose all envy and jealousy. It means you’re not afraid to be honest because of what people may think. It means you accept people as they are and won’t try to change them to fit an ideal. What you give to yourself, you’re able to give to others. Love, acceptance, encouragement, honesty, appreciation….these are all beautiful things. Start by giving them all to yourself and you’ll find it becomes natural to extend that outwards.” Doe Zantamata