Being Alive is Significant!

I did it!  I was terrified and exhilarated at the same time and it felt amazing!  I stripped down to bare my curves and cellulite and took my crutches on the stage as I showcased the exquisite summer range from The Fitting Room. It put me way out of my comfort zone, but as I stepped up on the stage a wave of calm fell over me. I was happy with who I am and how my body is.   As we completed the dress rehearsal and had our photos done I was at peace.    We were all as nervous as each other and I realised after speaking to one of the beautiful ladies on myside of the of dressing room who had a masectomy due to breast cancer that the things we as women worry about aren’t significant!  Being Alive is Significant and that is worth celebrating 🙂  As the show began I walked out in my corporate and had such a lovely and warm response from the audience.   The night just kept getting better and as I changed into my last ensemble I smiled and wondered quietly to myself what all the worry and nerves had been about!  What an amazing feeling to be at peace with my body!Thank you to the amazing Danielle who made the experience so amazing.  Danielle Colvin Photography and to the team at The Fitting Room  who always make me feel so special.

Photos to come