***NEWSFLASH*** Celebration Moment

quote-leap of faith

One moment you are in the depths of despair worrying about upcoming rounds of infusion treatment.  The next minute you receive a message that you have been named a finalist in the Business Entrepreneur Category of the Westpac Women Of Influence Awards for 2014.  I pop on the jug, re read the email and grin as I remember I very nearly didn’t put my application in……

Applications closed a couple of weeks after I had been in hospital, we were out of our house for asbestos, arguing with EQR and couch surfing at my  mums and dads waiting to go home.   I had been advised I had been nominated and I had to submit and application.   The easy answer was to say No but I felt so honoured to be nominated that it was one of the leap of faith moments.   In the end I had a change of heart and decided if others had taken the time to write about me I should take the time to write about myself.     I hit submit and hadn’t given it another thought.  

The jug has boiled, the tea is made.  I do a couple of fist pumps and a YEEESS! Yelp what an honor! I sit in my favorite chair and just smile, one of those warm all over body smiles like you have just been caught by the sun as it peaks out of the clouds and falls all over you.

I take it all in.  The list of finalists is extraordinary and I am just blown away and so honored to be named.    This honor is super special as my whole reason for my businesses is to empower women to discover and share their good news. There is a warm glow from inside as I think of  all the women in my life who have inspired me.    My mind wanders to my nan.   When she was alive I would pop in to see her most days, and as the screen door rattled she would call out “hello love, come in and tell me all your stories”.

I never knew what an enormous impact those few words had on me and how 18 months later they have formed such a special part of my practice.    I am blessed to ask my wonderful women the same question and the stories I hear keep me inspired and encouraged to keep going.

Honouring women who have explored their good news, discovered it and are now CELEBRATING.   I am excited about going to Auckland and celebrating with them.    Win or Lose it doesn’t matter because today I feel I have already won with the life I lead.    I believe we’ll BE OK!