Out of my comfort zone and EXCITED!

fitting room

Imagine for a moment you are a curvy size 16, 41 year  old woman, managing your disability on crutches and are asked if you would like to go on a stage and showcase beautiful bras for bountiful busts…….

So often when we are confronted with something outside our comfort zone our coping mechanism is to say No.     Only a week the gorgeous Deborah, owner of The Fitting Room planted the seed and  mentioned what they were doing.   I loved the idea and was so supportive.  At the end of the conversation she quietly asked if I would be interested.

Now the spotlight was on me – and my first reaction was to run for the hills.       I pondered why  my own reaction wasn’t so supportive.   I was overwhelmed with a list of excuses as long as my hand, thankfully I kept all of these excuses to myself and said I would think about it.

It started many great conversations off in my head and I ended up having a fabulous week of  inquisition about  authenticity, body image, curves, health, weight, celebration and media messages.
The question I kept asking was Why Not?   I could come up with nothing and infact as I processed all the excuses a lovely sense of loving my body as it is and calm flowed over me!  And along the way I figured if Meghan Trainor could sing and boogie about being curvy with over 25million hits I could shake my booty tastefully infront of a room full of people.

So on Sept 18th I am going to take the stage as a model…. Nervous and Excited!