courage is grace under pressure

It really was a year ago that I 20140804-151728-55048596.jpghad the treatment but as I walk in today it feels more like yesterday.    Maybe because last week was Rheumatology and on Tuesday I was here for more Respiratory Tests.   I was discharged from ENT and referred to Speech Language just to check my swallow.    I sure feel like I deserve a VIP pass or maybe valet parking this week!   The nurses look at me like why are you here.    Maybe its my smile – one actually says you don’t look sick enough to be here.    I take it as a compliment but by the end of the day I am tending to agree with her.   My pain becomes far more tolerable when I remember I am surrounded by cancer patients.   It doens’t stop my veins collapsing though…. It is the first time I can remember that  my veins are not playing the game and after three goes we have some action.  I just can’t get comfortable and end up moving chairs as many times as we try for a blood site.   All first world problems compared to the lady across from me who can’t get her meds because of some sort of blockage.   The staff are amazing and without much fuss have founI am awesomed her a solution.     My  taste disappears within the first few hours and have been told that it maybe more to do with the high dose of prednisone not the treatment.    I guess that is good news.   I will stay on the prednisone for  the month.

I keep feeling blessed and remember that my side effects are no taste, lack of sleep and creativity.    If I can get this inflammation down and the pain to stop then the minor side effects are worth it.    So the  flushing is done and 8 hours later we are heading home.    All to come back in two weeks and do it again.    Until then it is all a waiting game of long wide awake nights.