miracles happen in moments

moments be willing

in a moment life changes….

today a man on a courier motor bike arrived and nonchalantly handed over a plan envelope with a red card in it.    Riwai passed it to me like it was any other ordinary letter.    I stopped and opened it and the tears flowed.     They were tears of relief, the little red card that had been passed through a chain of people just doing their job represented a life changing moment for me.    The card was for two appointments, two weeks apart.   The first for Thursday.   More tears of overwhelming exhaustion as there was so much to do before Thursday yet so much relief that  I am getting it so soon.

The appointment is for my magic treatment – that is dripped a drop at a time into my blood stream.    As it flows into my body the miracle begins as the treatment takes hold of my disease and stops it in its tracks.   I wonder if anyone who touched my red card knows what it means to me…….

It is my hope and we all need hope, because with hope come moments and it only takes a moment for a miracle