No grand in Hotel Grand Chancellor

So a fabulous flight on the new AirNz airbus, super service and the anticipation of a relaxing and recharging weekend, a quick stop to grab my new fav salad – OMG in love with Wishbones smoked salmon and soba noodle salad! – I pause for a moment – mainly because I realise with two crutches I can not carry the miso soup I just brought and my bag and my crutches – so a bonus 15 minutes at Auckland airport to let my mind wander to the plethora of conversations I have had with the broad spectrum of people I have travelled with in the last five years – I smile as I realise I usually sit very close to the same spot outside the bookshop. Good golly what an eclectic list of people and I smile again imagining if they all came to dinner what interesting conversations would be had. Fatigue is setting in and without my gorgeous pack horse and partner in crime I better make my way to the hotel. Another few thoughts wander as the HGC Chch was one of the focal points for media post EQC. I also remember the most amazing function on the roof top with nan I attended when I was first diagnosed and the awesome ball Riwai and I went to there too. We pulled up in to the car park and I just knew it was not going to match my memories……

Perhaps it was the general Manager running like the building was on fire to demand the shuttle driver not come to reception, shunting him and me to the Back and beyond because the tourist buses are due….

Or that he then walked back in with the porters and didn’t give a second look at my bag or me struggling with my bags…..

Or that my room would need a higher than normal bond… Obviously because more people rip them off than are nice rule abiding customers……

Or that they were rude… the room smelt like it was from the eastern bloc in the 90’s or the broken window, con webs and cigarette stained stipples roof just weren’t to my liking…..

Or that when I ordered room
Service after jumping into my pjs I was told they were to busy and recommended I went to the restaurant ….

Let’s just say… AVOID Hotel Grand Chancellor… There is nothing grand about it at all!!!

The best thing is it was one night and as I walked into the Sudima Airport this morning I felt like Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman and the simple difference as you could see the staff were happy to be at work.