A stroke of fate and inspiration

What an amazing whirlwind it has been since returning from London. Highs and lows and we have hardly had a moment to touch the ground. With a weekend at home I have managed to catch up on some reading – Sophie Pascoe – Stroke of Fate is the inspirational biography of courage and self belief. I found this great article with some fabulous pics of Sophie. Sophie Pascoes stroke of fate a great article by Donna Flemming.

Both the book and the article gave me the inspiration I needed to get going and complete my final preparation for my presentation in Auckland next week at FitEx on Sunday. Very excited to be sharing my thoughts on training people with arthritis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease in a fun and functional way.

Sometimes when you hit a block you just need a touch of inspiration to get you going again. Thank you Sophie Pascoe for being my inspiration this weekend.