Chill out London style

What really matters in life is rarely on my daily to do list

So today was about washing, packing and blogging. Anne and Kevin have made it to work, Molly has been picked up by doggy day care and the painters have arrived… We are in London afterall, the washing is out, the packing can’t be done until thats done and the blogging..well its my blog so I guess it can wait!

Good that’s sorted then lets go……

When I left on my OE nan said don’t have any regrets. I didn’t really have a regret but I was sad I hadn’t taken enough photos of my favourite Underground Stations. I had also missed out on Paddington Station back in the day as the day I was going to go I had the flu and never fitted it in, so off we went for an action packed day of tube hopping, store stopping and and old english pub to finish. Riwai was amazing as we ran around like our own version of the amazing race. It was crazy and we certainly walked off all the food and wine from Emiles last night! Another epic day and we made sure we were all packed before bed so it would be more relaxing tomorrow as we head for Portugal – on another adventure via Paris and Beavious.