Curves and crutches preparing for the world stage

I thought this would be an easy post to write but I was so overwhelmed with emotion it has been difficult to put into words what it was like. I have started it each morning to put it in writing but then I just sit and smile with a goofy and satisfied look on my face. How do I describe this amazing feeling….. well it’s like the caramel or chocolate oozing from the centre of a warm fondant. I have tingles and that mmmmm warmth and good feeling all over. Weird analogy when I am about to describe being a finalist in a global fitness competition but hopefully you will get a sense warmth and wonderment too. 🙂

I woke up super early – just like Christmas morning and lay out my uniform. My damn left wrist is playing up – today of all days! Luckily we packed my wrist brace and after a lashing of anitflamme it settles. I have a shower going over and over in my head… “I got here on my own merits” Both bakers cysts are up and my wee legs look like overstuffed sausages. It is just all a bit overwhelming… I can feel the tears coming and think of everyone back home and that because of them I am here. Riwai is being amazing and super supportive. The clock ticks over 6.25am. All my little sentiments are with laid out too and as I add one by one, I pause to savour each memory and what each sentiment means – my pretty pear bird earrings that symbolise so much, my watch and pounamu from nan, my pandora charms from my mum, dad and Riwai. My inspire and be the change bracelet and my bridge and circle of support bracelet. As I put my last charm around my neck it reads “be the best version of you”. All are super important and together they symbolise my tremendous journey to this point. I am almost ready – my tshirt reads personal trainers to watch and coincidentally is in my new blue. I pop all my medications out of my blister pack, as my head goes briefly to the “wow they really picked me”. The irony of pill popping, crutches and wrist guards is another moment to pause, breath and take it all in. …. Riwai is putting my NZ and kiwi sticker on my crutches, i nip back to the bathroom for a last nervous pee and a double check I have all I need. These curves and crutches are about to take the world stage… More tears are coming but my final bit of strength comes from my soul mates. Riwai leans over with a bear hug and perfect kiss on the forehead. “You’ve got this babe, go do it for our LeapStars, those who have passed. We are already proud of you so what ever happens, just go have fun”.

We meet all the competitors and judges for breakfast. Thanks to social media we feel like we are catching up with old friends, we are all humbled and excited to be a part of this special day. Before we know it we are on the bus and heading down to Nuffield Health.

When we arrive the nerves pop back to say hello – cameras, lights, judges tables, the synrgy360 is magnificent and there behind it are our own named chairs. We are as ready as we can be….