Belly full of butterflies

As my amazing LeapAngel says- good golly! I have woken up and am surprisingly nervous.. In a good way. Butterflies on the eve of one of the greatest achievements in my life. We were going to have a lazy day by the pool but I feel like I have ants in my pants and I can’t sit still – we were going to head back into St Albans but I have dragged Riwai to the London light rail and we are heading into London City centre for an impromptu look around…thank goodness he loves me and just goes with the flow. After a quick toilet stop at Tower Bridge Trainstop we grab some water and I have bartered us on a tourist bus tour and river cruise. And what a magnificent plan that was… Four hours later we had seen all we wanted, had time to watch the sunset over the Thames (yes it was even sunny enough in London for the sun to set) and a quick bite at a local pub and we were home by 8:30. Mish (McCormick) another fellow kiwi dropped by for a hug and chat before we both calmed our butterflies enough to get some sleep… It felt like Christmas Eve with so much exciting anticipation ….