Gold Stars!


On Thursday between clients I was experiencing overwhelming exhaustion. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open and I was extremely cold. One of my hubbies besties arrived from Melbourne and instead of excited anticipation I had to drag myself into the shower and get ready. I felt so poorly that the boys chose dinner – Riwai chose my least favourite cuisine – encouraged by me as with no sense of smell or taste it was a good opportunity to go to his fav restaurant. We headed out for Indian for dinner. When we poured my one of my favourite Pinot noirs and it tasted like the smell of weed killer I knew something was suspicious and then when I was able to eat the vindaloo (never heard of) we really knew something was a miss! Friday and infection had taken hold. I somehow managed to get through my morning clients. I had a lunch meeting where it seriously felt like someone had put stocking over my head – my head was all fuzzy and scratchy and my vision blurred.

It was off to the docs for me – Diagnosis – sinus infection! Probably from the suppressed immune system and the new drug regime. Riwai kindly reminded me and the doc that it took 8 months for my first wonder drug to take hold. My body is a fighter and so I need to remember it as only been one week – lol even if it feels like a year!! Recommended a quiet weekend rest – You have got to be kidding -more rest! more antibiotics…. New antinausea, new antihistamines…Rattle rattle rattle – feeling like the bubble lady!!! 🙁

On a positive note we are reducing the steroids…. Thank the universe for small mercies – i am so over all the side effects and it was great news that we have all agree to give it a go.. If it doesn’t work we have predicted the flare will come when I am on summer holiday so I can rest without worrying about the business and letting clients down. Yay!!

I can only imagine what sort of place I would be in mentally and physically if I wasn’t eating a balanced diet, moving daily and keeping hydrated…. It is all the small steps and changes alomg the way that really do make a big difference!! 🙂