A is for Alonetime


Daily my role is to inspire busy people, particularly woman, to be the best they can be and believe in themselves. Our A stands for appreciation and alonetime – the two areas most seem to struggle with – me included.

I love my business and love guiding wonderful people to do great things and celebrate who they are – however, inherently it takes a great deal of effort for me to walk my walk in the area of mindful. My mind is definitely on the mindfull scale of thoughts and thinking….

This morning I was blessed to have a Skype meeting with one of my gurus – and thanks to technology i was sitting overlooking this view. As we wrapped up she reminded my of all the important things in my life and even though we can get overwhelmed and caught up in the “tooings and froowings” we must never lose sight of what makes us tick and what makes us unique and great. We can never wear the armour of another man to fight our battles – we must find our own way.

So I know I need to make time for quiet time, nature, creativity and timeout alone in sunshine to recharge my batteries and make my armoury stronger. I know that life is short and precious and if you don’t make time for the simple pleasures that brings you joy that you can easily become overwhelmed and miss other important moments and milestones in your life.

So we must all make time for ourselves and take some time out from your routine to be mindful, practice emptying our minds of junk and just be so we can lift the clouds and find more clarity around our life purpose, passion and dreams. You might find a minute, hour or day. It doesn’t matter how long as you as long as you do it. And just like the many great things in life – it will take practice to perfect…. A baby never walks on the first attempt and you too will not perfect the art of mindfulness in one attempt…. Be brave and keep practising until you feel the elation and euphoria of hanging out with a quiet and peaceful mindful xx