Feel the rain


I forgot what it was like to live on the grumpy about everything planet. I was in a coffee shop this week reading my new book and was amazed at my reaction to a group of women in the booth behind me. Every single one of them was complaining about something or someone and what they had done to them at work or at kindy pick up and how nasty this or that person was. Some of the name calling coming out of them was making be shiver. The interesting thing for me was that I couldn’t see them just hear them. I had conjured up a vision of what they looked like based only on their conversation. One of them went on to complain about the weather, she was so angry and wound up I seriously thought she was going to pop. I could see “in my scenario” a group of angry warriors – bright red face and piercing angry eyes. As the other women joined in – the decibels rose. Their anger was so fierce against their worlds. weather and weather predictors I felt they were directing it at me – through the booth. I shuddered and felt so uncomfortable I moved seats. When I stood up I was taken by surprise. These women were nothing like the picture I had conjured up, their children were playing in the play area, getting rowdy and fighting with each other too.

Everyone looked exhausted, sleep deprived and their eyes were sad not angry. It stopped me in my tracks and I offered them all a smile – as one of them smiled back it reminded me how blessed I was to look for the good in unfortunate situations, treating others as I wish to be treated and that I choose and use the pain for good thoughts and actions.

…..And that everyday I choose to hang out on the happy planet, with people that fill my energy bucket. Feel and enjoy rain today – it reminds me of new growth, puddles of fun, snuggling in duvets, how amazing our planet is, rainbows and what Inhave overcome
Smiles & Hugs